This is where you start.

All the information you need to get started at Puget Sound will be found here! You can explore first-year advising classes and draft your fall schedule, plan your orientation activities, and get tons of specifics—everything from the gear to pack for Passages and what size sheets to buy, to where to ship your boxes and set up a local bank account.

Are you a transfer student? Some of the information on this page may differ for you. Please visit our Transfer Welcome Page for specific details for transfers.

Meanwhile, join the conversation and meet other students in the Class of 2020! Use the class Facebook page to chat with other admitted students and post your questions for current students. Check back soon—the admitted student checklist and upcoming event information will be updated often!

Accepted Student Checklist

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  • June 1: Complete your Housing Preference Form. (Accessible only after Advanced Tuition Payment has been received.) Available now!

  • June 1: Complete your Advising Questionnaire (first come, first served). Available now!

  • June 15: Submit the Confidential Medical History and Immunization Form. Available now!

  • June 30: Final transcripts due.

  • July 1: Submit your Orientation Registration Form. Available now!

  • August 1: Take the Mathematics Placement Test. Available now!

  • August 15: Submit your first tuition payment.

  • August 21: Working on campus? Bring an original identification document (passport, Social Security card, birth certificate, etc.) to complete your Federal I-9 form at the Work Study Employment table during orientation check-in.

  • Check back frequently! The Admitted Student Checklist will continue to be updated with important to-do items.

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