Commencement 2016

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Tomorrow starts now.

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Once a Logger, always a Logger.

Summer Reunion Weekend
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This picture says it all... Congratulations University of Puget Sound Class of 2016 🎓😍 We did it! #UniversityofPugetSound #AllmylifeIWannaBeALogger #OnceALoggerAlwaysALogger #Classof2016 #HOME

May 17, 2016

Dear Puget Sound, Thank you for the lessons that you've taught me over these last 4 years. Thank you for giving me a campus to grow on and professors to feel inspired by. Thank you for spending 20K on the grass each semester to keep the ground looking bright under skies that were often gray. Thank you for pushing me to overcome more stress than I ever imagined I could... over and over and over again. For challenging me academically, encouraging me intellectually, and instilling in me an insatiable desire to learn. Thank you for a faculty and staff that actually give a shit. The kind that genuinely care about the students of this university, whom I've been lucky to call my peers, my friends, and my family. Thank you for the communities you've given me the pleasure and opportunity to be a part of. For every RDG performance, Lighthouse retreat, and Res Life meeting. Thank you for Oppenheimer. Again... thank you for Oppenheimer. Thank you for the people who have changed my life and the memories that will last a lifetime. But above all, thank you for giving me a HOME that I will always have, no matter how far my next adventures take me. #PNW #PugetSound #Home #SeniorYear #Graduate #Alumni #OnceALogger #AlwaysALogger #HackHack #ChopChop #HowIsThisHappening PC: @mleaverton 🙈🎓

May 16, 2016