Swope Endowed Lectureship on Ethics, Religion, Faith, and Values

History and Purpose
Established through a gift from Major Ianthe Swope in honor of her mother, Jane Hammer Swope. In keeping with her mother's vision, and recognizing their deeply held religious values as Methodists, Major Swope chose to establish an endowed lectureship at the University of Puget Sound to bring guest lecturers on the subject of faith, ethics, values or religion. The Jane Hammer Swope Lectureship is intended to promote broad discussions, critical thinking and ethical inquiry for nature of the mind and heart about matters of religion such as its role in public life, issues in contemporary spirituality, ethics and world religions.

Two per year, fall and spring

Reverend Dave Wright, Chair, University Chaplain
Kris Bartanen, Academic Vice President
Grace Livingston, African American Studies
Jonathan Stockdale, Religion
Stuart Smithers, Religion
Robin Jacobson, Politics & Government
Kristin Johnson, Science, Techonology, & Society
Ryan Coleman '14
Louisa Raitt '14
Nika Neshyba-Nara '15
Irema Halilovic '16
Administrative Contact: Helen Fickes