Schiff Hall

Schiff Hall, located in the northeast corner of campus, houses 75 students who are interested in exploring the outdoors through varied activities and programs. The hall is co-ed by door, with men and women living next door to each other on the same floors. Schiff Hall, renovated in 1997, offers mainly double occupancy rooms.  An additional application must be completed for placement in Schiff Hall, however, students need not have prior outdoor experience.

Adventure education in Schiff Hall uses outdoor experiences as a forum for teaching important skills and abilities applicable to all aspects of life at the university and beyond. In the past, outdoor experiences included backpacking, canoeing, mountain biking, sea kayaking and cross-country skiing.  As a resident of the Schiff, you'll have opportunities to:

  1. Broaden your capabilities
  2. Develop your outdoor leadership, decision-making and technical skills
  3. Enhance your understanding of the relationship between people and nature.

Schiff Hall, as well as its close neighbor Harrington Hall, gaze out upon the North-Quad where you will frequently find students studying, playing Frisbee, and catching up with friends. A central outdoor bike rack is shared between Harrington and Schiff halls, enabling students to have a convenient and safe way to store their bicycles on campus. Located at far end of the North-Quad, Schiff Hall is just a quick stroll away from Wheelock Student Center, and other campus venues.