Housing Placements for New Students

Housing placements for new students will go live via myPugetSound on July 15. Click "read more" below to learn more about what to expect move-in day, suggestions on what to pack, how to send packages to school, and everything you need to know for a successful transition to campus living at Puget Sound!

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Residence Life and On-Campus Living

It's more than just a place to sleep.

Why Live on Campus at Puget Sound?

A strong liberal arts education is one in which all experiences--including the residential component---are integrated to maximize learning and personal development. Regardless of where you live on campus, you will find not just a place to sleep and study, but an opportunity to cultivate new friendships, focus on academics, and pursue interests and co-curricular activities.

Students are encouraged to take an active role in their residential lives by assuming involvement and leadership duties in their community governance councils, participating in community forums and activities, or assisting fellow students by becoming members of the Residence Life staff. The Puget Sound on-campus housing community provides you with abundant resources and support to help maximize and enhance your academic, social, civic, and community life.


The Residence Life Mission

The Department of Residence Life will provide a safe, inclusive and vibrant living community that fosters holistic learning for Puget Sound residential students by empowering them as leaders and extending their academic experience.


Residence Life Voices

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Residence Life Housing Options

Click here to go directly to our page where you can browse on-campus living options.