Department of Art and Art History


SAVE THE DATE: the next Art+Sci event will be held on January 19th at the Norton Clapp Theater at University of Puget Sound from 6pm to 8pm. When there's no more electricity, and multiple population destroying events, how do human memories get preserved? Set month after the disaster, and then seven years and seventy five years later, Anne Washburn's Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play is both a comedy and then a ritual tragedy about a community preserving itself with the most unlikely of stories. More event details to come.

To commemorate the January 1942 groundbreaking of Kittredge Hall please join us this month for two events: the opening reception of the Alumni Exhibition and the Art History Alumni Colloquium. The Alumni Exhibition reception will be held on Friday, January 27th, from 5-7 p.m. Come converse, share, and reconnect with your art & art history friends! The Art History Colloquium will be Friday & Saturday, January 27-28. Our keynote speaker will be Carolyn Dean ’80 (Professor of Art History, UC Santa Cruz) and Colloquium Participants will include a number of alumni, past & present faculty. Colloquium events will include a conversation with alumni in art related fields.

Professor Kriszta Kotsis published an article on the 9th century empress Theodora in an edited volume that focuses on royal mothers. “Empress Theodora: A Holy Mother,” in Virtuous or Villainess: The Image of the Royal Mother from the Early Medieval to Early Modern Era, ed. Carey Fleiner and Elena Woodacre, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, 11-36. 




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