Hurley Community Service Scholarship

The Puget Sound Hurley Community Service Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 2002 to provide returning students with financial support to implement innovative service-oriented programs. The purpose of the award is to encourage students to engage in planned and focused community service that will impact…

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Leadership & Scholarships

Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement (SLICE) strongly encourages student leadership in all programs and activities. All of our clubs and organizations are student-initiated and student-led, and whenever possible we rely on student staff and volunteers to plan, develop, and present our events and programs. Our professional staff work closely with a large number of students to bring a great variety of programs and opportunities to campus each year. We also help publicize a number of campus-based scholarships for students engaged in religious leadership on- and off-campus. If you're interested in helping out -- or curious about the scholarship opportunities -- click on one of the headings below for more information!

Employment Opportunities with Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement 
All student staff positions are coordinated through Career and Employment Services. To get a sense of what student staff positions may be available related to Spiritual Life and Civic Engagement, visit this page or contact Career and Employment Services.

Interfaith Coordinators
Interfaith Coordinators are current Puget Sound students who have applied for and been chosen to receive scholarship support while working in a range of spiritual and religious leadership areas. Students of all faith traditions and spiritual backgrounds are encouraged to apply for these scholarships. Interfaith Coordinators are expected to work 5-8 hours each week. Interfaith Coordinators attend staff meetings each week, and meet individually with either the University Chaplain or the Social Justice Coordinator weekly for mentoring and supervision. Scholarship renewal for the spring term requires approval of the University Chaplain.

While SLICE does not internally administer any scholarships, we do work to help students from all religious and spiritual backgrounds connect with on- and off-campus resources for financial support while in school. Contact Dave Wright for more information.

United Methodist Resources
Because the university maintains its historic relationship with the United Methodist Church, there are certain scholarships and resources that the denomination makes available to United Methodist students who attend the University of Puget Sound. These resources are not based at the university, but have helped generations of Loggers attend our school.