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For currently enrolled undergraduate students

Application deadline is March 31

University Scholarship Application
A limited number of named scholarships established by Puget Sound alumni and friends will be awarded to currently enrolled students meeting the selection criteria established by the individual donors. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis with award amounts up to $3,000.

Richard Bangs Collier Pleneurethic Scholarship
Students with non-sectarian global views pursuing studies in the fields of philosophy, literature, history, mathematics, or natural sciences.

Collier Interdisciplinary Scholarship
Students pursuing interdisciplinary studies drawing on both the sciences and non-science disciplines.

Harry Cain Memorial Scholarship
Students who plan to enter the field of public administration or public service.

Kathy Phibbs Memorial Scholarship
Female students who have a strong interest or major in history.

Hurley Community Service Scholarship
Students engaging in planned and focused community service projects.

K. James Davis Chaplain's Award for Spirituality & Justice
Students who demonstrate exceptional leadership at the intersection of spiritual practice and working to create a socially just, inclusive campus and society.

Religious Leadership Award
Students interested in lifelong religious leadership, including both ordained and lay ministry, professional work in faith community music leadership, and the range of missionary service and outreach activities.

Interfaith Coordinator Award
Students from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds who are interested in helping develop their leaderships skills in a number of areas. Recipients will participate as a team in leading and developing resources related to spirituality and social justice, with specific responsibilities assigned to coordinating connections related to areas such as student clubs, residential programs, diversity and multiculturalism, Christian life, Jewish life, civic learning, and community service.

Cyrus Ames Wright Ministry Scholarship
Students pursuing professional religious leadership.

LGBT Leadership Scholarship
Students who demonstrate leadership and involvement in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community at Puget Sound.

One More Scholarship
Created by the Black Student Union of Puget Sound, the scholarship aims to alleviate some of the barriers to pursuing higher education for fellow students of color by providing financial support.

Remember....the application process is very competitive and we encourage you to carefully consider your responses. Spelling errors and incomplete or minimal answers may affect your chance for consideration.

To help build strong relationships with our donors, scholarship recipients will be asked to write a brief thank you letter acknowledging the generosity of the donors responsible for their scholarship.