2014 Summer Research Award Recipients

Student Advisor Title
Stephen Baum  Jill Nealey Moore I know I shouldn't eat that but I'm going to anyway: The role of mood and cognitive depletion in food consumption
Glynis Bawden Mike Valentine Using paleomagnetism to unravel the mysteries of the Summit Creek basalts
Loring Brock  Sara Freeman The idea of thespis
Emily Brown Gary McCall Deterioration of cardiometabolic biomarkers upon detraining and transition to a high fat, high sugar diet
Nicholas Butterfield Steven Neshyba Quantitative investigation of roughness in cirrus-like ice crystals by variable pressure scanning electron microscopy parallax imaging
Hayley Caddes Luc Boisvert Synthesis of environmentally sustainable iron-based catalysts for use in homogeneous hydrogenation reactions
Carolea Casas  Nancy Bristow Black on white: Mapping early 20th century expectations of black domestic workers through film
Macaulie Casey Alyce DeMarais The effect of exogenous testosterone on the Wnt/B-catenin pathway in zebrafish ovarian cells
Madison Cox Mark Martin, Stacey Weiss Investigating sex differences in cloacal and intestinal microbial assemblages of Sceloporus virgatus with next generation sequencing
Paige Dahlberg Gary McCall Type IV collagen content of basal lamina in MMP-9 knock-out mice
Natalie de Gyarfas  Kent Hooper The wickedest man in the world: Crowley, Nietzsche, and postmodern counterculture
Cheyenne Dewey Joel Elliott, Mark Martin Comparing bacterial diversity of two high sulfide habitats in Puget Sound
Alyse Doperalski Sue Hannaford Cognitively demanding experience and age related neuroplasticity in forager bumblebees
Jack Elder Luc Boisvert Investigation of organocatalysts for the conversion of carboxylic acids into amides
Madeleine Faigel  Sara Freeman Instances of fruitful criticism/instances of art: Literary managers and dramaturgs of the Americas archive at the University of Puget Sound
Kara Flynn  Katie Henningsen Wikipedian in Residence
Katie Frye Mark Martin Shape versus architecture in the attack of predatory bacterium Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
Heather Fryhle Dan Burgard Wastewater analysis of marijuana by sewage based drug epidemiology
Chloe Ginnegar  Kriszta Kotsis Creating agency: Asserting gender through decorative motifs in the ancient Roman domus
Scott Greenfield  Nancy Bristow Unpacking "fraternity:" An exploration into the history of the fraternity brother at the University of Puget Sound and in the United States
Sierra Grunwald  Oriel Siu The obesity epidemic in Latino youth: A local perspective to a national phenomenon
Karina Harper  Janet Marcavage Exploring distortion and clarity in the modern printed portrait
Thomas Harrington Mary Rose Lamb Isolation of suppressor mutants of eyespot assembly mutations in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Anna Horstkotte Sue Hannaford Effect of differences in metabolic expenditures on the oxidative stress accumulation and changes in learning behavior in bumblebees (Bombus vosnesenskii)
Jacqueline Ihinger Andreas Madlung The role of plyploidy in speciation arising from one allopolyploidization event
Bianca Jarvis  Janet Marcavage Copperplate etching, traditional and modern technicques
Molly Jennings Andreas Madlung Developing a molecular fingerprinting assay for phytochrome research in tomato
Alena Karkanias  Monica DeHart The intra- and inter-subcommunity of fandom
Emilie Kurth Peter Hodum, Siddharth Ramakrishnan The reproductive and neurophysiological effects of chronic plastic exposure in the northern fulmar Fulmarus glacialis and sooty shearwater Puffinus griseus
Nichole Lindquist-Kleisser  Linda Williams Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I of England: Representatives of gender, influence, and power
Becca Long  Ben Lewin Examination of substance abuse among Native American women in the Pacific Northwest
Nick Lyon Peter Hodum Patterns of microplastic ingestion in Mytilus mussels in Puget Sound, Washington
Melanie Mazza Nick Kontogeorgopoulos The potential and limitations of direct trade partnerships on smallholder coffee farms in Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Renee Meschi  Amy Fisher People, plants, and fungi: Examining the biological and social landscapes of the Tacoma Food Forest
Elizabeth Meucci Luc Boisvert Synthesis of Bipyridine-derived ligands and iron precursors for the development of iron-based hydrogenation catalysts
Sam Naatz Steven Neshyba Molecular dynamics determination of edge-sticking parameters of vicinal ice crystals
Kieran O'Neil Peter Hodum Breeding and foraging behavior of Cepphus columba (Pigeon Guillemot) as biological indicators of coastal marine health in Puget Sound
Laurel Olfson  David Andresen EEG study of perceptual bias in facial expressions, mood, and the mirror neuron system
Beth Onaga Alyce DeMarais Determining the effects of progesterone on apoptotic and autophagic activity during zebrafish oocyte maturation
Alec Pankow Amy Odegard Confirmation of lachesin, the candidate Flock House Virus receptor protein
Jackie Perkins Mike Valentine, Ken Clark Location and classification of the Olympia Structure, Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Halle Peterson Jeffrey Tepper Investigation of phosphorus loading and cycling at Waughop Lake (Pierce County): The most toxic lake in Western Washington
Katie Pyne Joel Elliott Differential survival of sea stars Pisaster ochraceus and Evasterias troschelii in Puget Sound
Conor Joseph Queirolo  Alison Tracy Hale We poor creatures: The social fact of witchcraft and the undoing of masculinity
Louisa Raitt  Kriszta Kotsis The western facade of Santiago de Compostela: A marker of religio-political controversy and religious devotion from the Medieval to Baroque period
Rebecca Reed  Melisa Galvan Free trade today: NAFTA's influence on local economies on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border
Dylan Richmond  Erin Colbert White A novel method for assessing empathy in rats: The role of previous experience
Chloe Rockas Monica DeHart Ekphraisis and El Duende: Intersections of artistic spiritual experience and literary expression
Eric Schnell Stacey Weiss Chemical signals of the striped plateau lizard (Sceloporus virgatus): Detection of skin lipids and substrate deposited pheremones
Haila Schultz Joel Elliott The effects of sea star wasting disease on intertidal biodiversity and abundance at different locations and habitats
Adrian Simpson John Hanson Purification and characterization of MalA from Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
Grete Slaugh Andreas Madlung RNAi-mediated gene knockout of the tomato phytochromes PHYE and PHYF
Sean Stackhouse Siddharth Ramakrishnan Modulation of social behavior by gonadotropin releasing hormone neurons in the teleost fish Oryzias latipes
Corinne Straub Alexa Tullis The cost of bearing a sexually selected trait: Testing hypotheses with male fiddler crabs bearing a large major claw
Sondra Tanji Barry Goldstein Interpreting catastrophic late-glacial outburst floods from debris flow sediments in the Puget Lowland, WA
Skyler Tetreau Siddharth Ramakrishnan Investigating the mechanism by which Bisphenol A affects sustained movement in the pond snail Helisoma trivolvis
Daniel Thorson  Brad Dillman The effects of public policy on upward mobility through entrepreneurship
Kailee Weiler Sue Hannaford The effects of age and hormones on conditional leaning in bumblebees (Bombus terrestris)
Kyle Whitcomb David Latimer Scattering of a point-like anapole
Shelby Willis Luc Boisvert Synthesis of iron-based hydrogenation catalysts
Jens Winship  Jess Smith Dada: Theory and practice in theatre, pedagogy, and revolution
Robert Wrigley Geoffrey Block Authenticity and the reception history of Joseph Haydn's music
Vladimir Yelkhimov John Hanson Investigating the substrate specificity of T4 and hen egg white lysozymes