Technology Services Staff

CIO Administration
Vacant - CIO and Associate Vice President for Technology Services
Lisa Beritich - Administrative Assistant
Josie Lomax - TS Business Analyst
Lindsay Morris - Director, Project Management Office

Client Support and Educational Technology Services
Vacant - Deputy CIO, Client Support & Educational Technology Services
Stephen Abeshima - Digital Media Specialist
Ginene Alexander - Print & Copy Services Manager
Joel Arakaki - Client Support Manager
David Childers - Digital Media Services Manager
Julie Coleman - Classroom and Events Media Specialist
Kaity Fain - Educational Technologist for the Humanities
Jessica Hartenstine - Desktop Lifecycle Administrator
Amanda Hoover - Technology Support Analyst
Sarah Johnson - Print & Copy Services Specialist
Emily Marty - Technology Support Analyst
Dale Mickel
- Senior Technology Support Analyst
Paul Monaghan - Educational Technologist for the Sciences
Lauren Nicandri - Educational Technologist for the Social Sciences
Larissa Ogawa - Technology Support Analyst
Rachel Vaughan-Desir - Student Technology Experience Manager
Henry Waymack - Design and Production Specialist

Enterprise Information Services/Network and Server Systems
Jeremy Cucco  - Deputy CIO, Enterprise Information Services/Network and Server Systems
Annie Cain - User Experience Manager
Aaron Goff
- Developer
Jared Hoover - Server Systems Manager
Henry Lee - Network Manager
Barton Janes - Server Systems Administrator
Carol Odland - Senior Developer, Campus
Jason Owings - PeopleSoft Administrator
Steve Renker - Technical Director, Enterprise Information Systems
Kristen Spiese - Development Manager, Finance
Jeff Strong
- Senior Developer, Human Resources
John Wait - Server Systems Administrator, Windows
Andrew Wolf - Network Technician
Vacant - Technical Director, Network and Server Systems