Outdoor Leadership Experience (OLE)

OLE is a course to help leaders to transfer outdoor and leadership experience to the field of outdoor leadership.  The goal of this training is for leaders to transfer their outdoor and facilitation skills to effectively and safetly lead outdoor trips for PSO and other groups beyond Puget Sound.  Much of the training emphasizes personal growth, leadership skills, group development. The training also emphasizes risk management and the outdoor skills necessary to effectively lead dayhikes, backpacking and other trips for Puget Sound.

Outdoor Leadership Experience - information and application

See the application for more information on OLE. OLE is required unless you have previous trip leading background with another group.  If you have led trips for another group contact Justin Canny to discuss your options (see sidebar for contact information).

Application for O.L.E. Fall 2014

Introduction to Outdoor Leadership reading:

Introduction to Outdoor Leadership

OLE Teaching Topics and Resources

PSO Trip Planning Process

  1. Trip Proposal
  2. Trip Planning Checklist
  3. Food Sheet

Topic Outlines & Resources