Office of Intercultural Engagement Resources and Scholarships

Puget Sound Inclusive Space Project

The Puget Sound Inclusive Space Project is an opportunity for individuals to indicate their commitment to diversity by displaying a letter-sized flyer in a publicly visible space. The poster reads: “This space respects all aspects of people including race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, age, religion, ability, and documentation status”

The Office of Intercultural Engagement asks that participants be intentional when displaying these posters as they set a tone and expectation for the space in which they are displayed. If you have any questions, concerns or are interested in other educational resources, please contact us at 253.879.2751 or

Multicultural Programming Fund (MPF)

The Multicultural Programming Fund (MPF) is intended to support students of the University of Puget Sound community in developing multicultural programs and activities that promote multiculturalism. The MPF provides monetary resources to student organizations and groups that organize campus events that explore multicultural issues and enhance intercultural awareness of students. For more information and an application, read more

Queer Resources

In an effort to encourage exploration of queer resources, this brochure gathers a number of on-campus community services available to students. It also details many Puget Sound practices, policies and offerings relevant to LGBT-identified people on our campus. Discover more by viewing our Queer Resources brochure.

LGBT Leadership Scholarship

The Puget Sound LGBT Leadership Scholarship Fund was established in 2000 in order to recognize students who have demonstrated leadership and involvement in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community at the University of Puget Sound (including, but not limited to, participation in Queer Student Alliance (Q&A), community organizations, and activist groups). The purpose of the scholarship is to complement successful academic experiences by providing financial support for student leadership and involvement in the LGBT community at Puget Sound. The committee welcomes applications from students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or as allies. For more information and to apply for this scholarship, please read more.

Applications no longer being accepted.

LUCE Leadership Scholarship

The Puget Sound Latinos United for Community & Education (LUCE) has created the LUCE Leadership Scholarship in order to support University of Puget Sound’s immigrant student population. As a student group uniquely concerned with issues impacting the wider Hispanic-Latino community, LUCE recognizes the impact that being an immigrant may have on a student’s decision to attend a liberal arts college such as the University of Puget Sound.  This scholarship is intended to provide financial support to any student who is an immigrant, documented or undocumented. The scholarship is to be awarded on an annual basis to a student who is enrolled or is committed to enroll full time at the University of Puget Sound. Preference will be given to students who identify as Hispanic and/or Latino.

Applications no longer being accepted.

The Black Student Union "One More" Scholarship 

The Black Student Union "One More" Scholarship was created in 2014 by the Black Student Union of Puget Sound in order to increase the benefits of having a racially diverse environment in which to learn and grow. The scholarship aims to alleviate some of the barriers to pursuing higher education for fellow students of color by providing financial support. 

Applications no longer being accepted.