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2015-16 Tuition Adjustments

Students who completely withdraw from a term or drop down in units may be eligible for tuition charge adjustments based on the official withdrawal date as provided by the Office of the Registrar. Lack of attendance does not cancel the student's financial responsibility. Students are encouraged to discuss plans for withdrawal with their Student Financial Services consultant.

Tuition adjustments are made according to the following time table. For specific dates, please refer to the academic calendar

Withdrawal DateAdjustment Amount
Before the first day of class 100%
First or second day of class 100%
Third day of class through last day to drop without record 80%
Eleventh day of class through end of third week 50%
By the end of the fourth week of classes 40%
By the end of the fifth week of classes 30%
By the end of the sixth week of classes 25%
By the end of the seventh week of classes 20%
By the end of the eighth week of classes 15%
After the eighth week  0%
  • No refunds will be given for ASUPS fees, career awareness or music fees after the second day of class.  No refunds will be given for PE courses after the last day to drop without record.
  • No special tuition adjustment is given for approved medical or emergency withdrawals.
  • All tuition adjustments are based on actual tuition charges, not payments made.
  • Refund policy for study abroad participates


If a student completely withdraws by the 10th day of the semester, the student will be refunded 100% of the room charges.  The student will be charged a $500 withdrawal fee.  Room charges for the term are non-refundable on the 11th day of class.  Detailed information on the room charge refund policy is available from the Office of Residence Life.


Board charges are refunded on a pro-rated basis for students who withdraw before the end of a semester.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for students dropping from full-time to part-time status or completely withdrawing will be re-calculated to determine whether a portion of federal and institutional aid must be returned.

Full-time to part time. Adjustments for students dropping from full-time to part-time status are based on the date a student drops in status and the overall charges in tuition and fee rates, coupled with any other particular award requirements.

Withdrawing from school. Adjustments for students completely withdrawing are prorated, calculated on a daily basis up to the 60% completion point of the semester. More information on financial aid returns for students who withdraw.

Unofficial withdrawal: Puget Sound is required by federal law to recalculate federal financial aid eligibility for students who drop out (stop attending classes and do not officially withdraw) and fail to earn a passing grade in at least one course per semester.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy for Students Participating on Study Abroad Programs

Because Puget Sound makes financial commitments on the student's behalf well in advance of the start of the program, the following cancellation provisions exist:

Student Withdrawal

  1. Prior to the program’s departure date: Written notice of withdrawal must be submitted to the International Programs office. Students may be eligible for a refund of charges, less a $100 cancellation fee and any non-recoverable costs charged to Puget Sound by the provider.
  2. After the program’s departure date: No adjustments will be made to tuition, fees, room and board charges. The financial aid award will be evaluated to determine whether any portion of a student's financial aid must be returned in accordance with institutional policy and/or federal and state regulatory requirements.

Cancellation of the Program

In the event a program is canceled, students may be eligible for a refund less any non-recoverable costs, pro-rated based on the date of the program cancellation. Puget Sound and the program provider will work together to offer alternate arrangements for continuation of your studies.