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Health Insurance Information

Due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as well as the recently issued Health and Human Services (HSS) regulations, Puget Sound can no longer offer the Student Accident & Sickness insurance plan that was available during recent years. Those types of plans do not meet HSS requirements.

It is important for students to carry some type of health coverage. Many students have, or can obtain, health coverage through a parent’s or guardian’s policy. All students should:

  • Remain or enroll under a parent/guardian policy (where feasible) or;
  • Use an employer’s policy (where feasible), or;
  • Purchase an individual health insurance policy

There are many individual health insurance policy options. Students should select a policy that best meets their individual needs, preferences, and budget. Therefore, Puget Sound cannot recommend any particular individual policy for all students. Students and/or parents should research options where coverage applies to their home state and Washington. 

Students and/or parents also can access multiple individual policy options through Go to the “Individual & Family” link on this site to access “Student Health Insurance” and “Short-term Health Insurance” in order to:

  • Obtain answers to common questions (FAQ’s) about student insurance and decision-making
  • Access and compare multiple and varied insurance policies
  • Access short-term policies (if needed) for off-campus internships where such coverage may be required or desired
  • Obtain answers to individual questions you may have

Counseling, Health and Wellness Services (CHWS) provides limited, low-cost primary care student health services. See the CHWS website. Please note these services and operating hours are limited. Students should also have health insurance coverage to fund off-campus medical treatment needs.

Students purchasing individual health coverage are encouraged to commence research now. New national health regulations have generated insurance market competition as well as newly emerging policies and pricing.