Be Prepared for an Emergency

Documentation Needs

Below is a list of information and items both you and your student should have access to in case a situation arises while he/she is studying abroad. A majority of this information and items should be kept in a safe place that no one else has access to.

  1. Contact information for:

    1. your son/daughter, if housing has been assigned

    2. the on-site Resident Director or Program Director.

    3. home office of your student's program, including the 24-hour emergency number

    4. Puget Sound Study Abroad Office & Security Services number

    5. son/daughter’s doctor's office

    6. Embassy or Consulate location nearest your son/daughter’s study abroad location

    7. U.S. State Department Office of Overseas Citizen Services

  2. Insurance policy numbers and how to submit claims

  3. Son/daughter’s credit card numbers

  4. Son/daughter’s passport number

  5. Duplicate lost passport kit containing:

    1. two passport photos

    2. official copy of his/ her birth certificate

    3. photocopy of passport’s photo, signature, and visa pages (if applicable)

  6. Arrival and departure dates of program, including any planned excursions.

* Adapted from CIEE Study Abroad