About the Program

The Humanities Program offers courses that draw upon the disciplines of history, literature, philosophy, religion, communication studies, art history, and music history to explore fundamental and enduring questions regarding the human condition. These courses are available to all students, regardless of major, and may be used to satisfy several of the university's Core requirements: Seminars in Scholarly Inquiry; Fine Arts Approaches; Humanistic Approaches; and Connections.

Participants in the Humanities Residential Program represent all majors, including the sciences and social sciences, but share in common their interests in the arts. The program accommodates seventeen first-year students in Regester Hall; in subsequent years they have the opportunity to live in Commencement Hall with other students interested in the humanities. Freshmen take the Seminar in Scholarly Inquiry 1-172 (The Scientific and Romantic Revolutions) in the fall semester, a course that satisfies the first half of the year-long freshman writing requirement (SSI1). In the spring semester, they may enroll in Humanities 200 (Homer to Hitchcock: The History of Ideas in the Arts), which satisfies the Fine Arts Approaches core requirement. Students also participate in a variety of house-related co-curricular activities such as film screenings, open-mic nights, guest lectures, dinner events, and trips to Seattle and Tacoma theatres, concert halls, and museums.

The Humanities minor offers a course of study in the history of Western ideas as they have found expression through the literary, theatrical, musical, and visual arts. Courses in the minor are frequently team-taught, require an experiential and/or co-curricular component, and make use of digital resources in the humanities. The minor does not require participation in the Humanities Residential Program, nor does participation in the Residential Program require enrollment in the minor.