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About the Department

Economics focuses on decision making and problem solving. It concerns itself with making intelligent individual and social choices in a world of scarcity. The department believes that a student who spends four years wrestling with economic issues and developing the analytical tools necessary to resolve them will emerge with sharpened reasoning and communication skills and will be more alert to the complexities of the world.

The programs in economics are designed to provide students with a strong background in economic theory and applied analysis. The department offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in economics, as well as a minor. The BS degree is designed to encourage students to develop strong quantitative skills and provides preparation for graduate study in economics or related fields. The BA degree offers greater breadth regarding exposure to economic disciplines, while retaining an analytical focus.

All Economics students should: (1) develop sufficient facility with the tools of economics to be able to critically analyze private and public decision-making processes and contemporary and historical socioeconomic issues, and (2) understand the fundamental role that economic forces play in society.