Yard Project

Yard Project is a community organization effort to provide relief and development in response to Hurricane Ivan's devastation of Jamaica's south coast. The effort included the facilitation of on campus discussion and the mobilization and advising of a student group that raised money and organized a spring break…

African American Studies

About the Program

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary program. The program focuses on African American experiences, while recognizing that other academic subjects bear importantly on the understanding of these experiences and should have a place in the African American Studies curriculum. Students in the African American Studies Program acquire a basic knowledge of African American and other African diasporic experiences; develop an understanding of the role of race in African American life and also in the broader social and institutional relations of the United States and other parts of the Americas; become familiar with local, regional, national, and international issues of race, power, and multiculturalism and the implications these have for students' daily lives; and formulate personal critical perspectives that can guide ethical and political actions.