Welcome to Staff Senate!

Who are we? We are staff members just like you.

We are regular full-time and part-time employees of the university who are not faculty members or executive officers.

Our purpose is to conduct activities on behalf of the University of Puget Sound staff, to enhance the campus environment, and to recognize the staff as an integral part of the university. To fulfill this purpose, the Staff Senate shall:

  • Provide a medium for communication between and among staff members;
  • Serve as a means of communication and liaison between staff, faculty, students, and administration;
  • Provide information and recommendations to the decision-making bodies of the university; and
  • Serve as a vehicle for implementation and communication of university policies and procedures.

Need to Email the Staffcomms Listserv?

If you would like to send an announcement to staff via the Staffcomms listserv, please take a minute to review our submission procedure so that we can help you get the word out.