Payment & Tax Implications for Student & Faculty Award Recipients

Your award letter or notification should identify the type of award you have received. Please select the link below that best describes your award to obtain payment and/or tax implication information. You may wish to print the pages that contain tax information for reference when you prepare or have your federal income tax return prepared.

  • Student Summer Research Awards
  • Other Student Study, Research and Travel Awards
    (Examples include Trimble, William Campbell, Thomas A. Davis, Raj Kumari Kukreja, India Research, IPE Summer Research, Slater, Hwa Nan English Instructorship, Miki Memorial Scholarship, Watson Fellowship, UEC Student Travel Awards)
  • Student Prizes
    (Examples include Apple Physical Therapy, Art History Research Prize, Collins Memorial Library Undergraduate Research Award, Esther Wagner Fiction, Gordon D. Alcorn, Handy Poetry, Heuston Literary Prize, Joseph Peyton Achievement, John P. Dickson Scholar, Langbauer, Norton Clapp Arete, Outstanding TA, Robert G. Albertson, Roberta Wilson Outstanding Graduate, Roderick MacArthur Senior Thesis Presentation, SBL Writing Awards, Writing Excellence/Hearst Endowment, )
  • Faculty Enrichment Grants