2013 Summer Research Award Recipients

Student Advisor Project Title
Taylor Applegate, English
Mike Benveniste Black and Blues: A musico-cultural analysis of Delta blues as racial uplift, 1890-1930
Shannon Kilgore, English Literature/Hispanic Studies
Harry Velez-Quinones Reading the Book Collection of the Ingenious Gentleman: An analysis of the intertextual universe of Don Quixote
Sean Moffitt, Politics & Government
Patrick O'Neil International Aid in the Syrian Civil War
Madeline Waddell, Politics & Economics
Patrick O'Neil The Educational Map of Egypt
Sadie Boyers, Psychology
David Moore Perceptions of Sexual Violence on the UPS Campus
Miriam Cook, History & Spanish
John Lear Forty Years Later: Remembering the Pinochet Years in 2013
Jana Cary-Alvarez, History
Nancy Bristow Examining American Indian Movement and Take-Overs Through Media Interpretations
Megan Gilbertson, Science, Technology & Society
Amy Fisher Making Mad: Examinations of the archetype of the mad scientist
Abbie Baldwin, Studio Art & Spanish
Janet Marcavage and Mike Johnson The Art of Printmaking and Textile Design
Kristan Shuford, Art Elise Richman Exploring Sensory Perception: Evoking emotion through art
Jordan Meyers, Studio Art & Science, Technology & Society
John McCuistion Apoptosis
Julie Kappelman, Religion
Jonathan Stockdale Fluidity Between Christianity and Beer: The monastery, prohibition, and modernity
Benjamin Block, Art History & Computer Science
Kriszta Kotsis Thomas Jefferson and Beauty: Art, aesthetics, and politics in the revolutionary era
Hannah Fattor, English
Brett Rogers Manifesting Stories: The progression of comics from print to web to print
Jason Kelley, Psychology
David Andresen The Effect of Attractiveness on Mirror Neuron Response
Heather Dappen, Hispanic Studies & International Relations
Mark Harpring Vale La Pena: Is immigration actually improving the lives of Mexicans on both sides of the border?
Clara Sciortino, Religion
Greta Austin The Roles of Belief and Rituals in the Formation of Unitarian Universalist Communities
Henry Babbitt-Cook, Politics & Government
Alisa Kessel Seeking a Re-Founding: Occupations, Tea Parties, and the origins of managed democracy
Emily Menk, Studio Art
Janet Marcavage

Who's Behind the Lens? Examining artistic voice and identity in portrait photography

Annabeth Ryan, Comparative Sociology
Ben Lewin Walking for the Cure: Breast cancer messaging and its effects on women's relationships with their bodies
Anna Sable, Comparative Sociology
Derek Buescher Examining Torture: A look at torture discourse in post-9/11 animated films
Jinshil Yi, Biochemistry, Politics & Government, and Music
Geoffrey Block Endeavoring to Repair a Crucial Gap in Schubert Scholarship: Compositional process studies
Samuel Mandry, Art History
Linda Williams Ordered Chaos: The negotiation of space in deconstructionist museum buildings
Veronica Sagert, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Kristin Johnson American Medicine in Wartime: A comparison of Civil War and Iraq War surgeons
Jillian Zeidner, History & Religion
Katie Henningsen The Trail
Spencer DeChenne, Math
Carl Toews
Inverse optimality applied to spawning aggregations
Billy Rathje, Computer Science
Brad Richards
Model verification of a wireless ethernet simulator for use in networking pedagogy
Jack Elder, Biochemistry
Luc Boisvert
Investigation of iron complex-catalyzed hydrogenation of alkenes and carbonyl groups
Robin Harkins, Biochemistry
Eric Scharrer
Synthesis of new liquid crrystalline molecules: Effects of lateral methylation on nematic phase onset temperature in oxadiazole based bent-core mesogens
Ameneh McCullough, Math
Carl Toews
Optimal control for fisheries management
Amelia Asbe, Biology
Andreas Madlung
Understanding the mechanisms of reversion in Arabidopsis suecica
Kathryn Ginsberg, Biochemistry
Dan Burgard
Wastewater analysis of amphetamine enantiomers: Insights into adderall useage in adolescents
Bonnie Wirth, Biology
Peter Hodum
Plastic prospect: Using planktivorous fish as bio-indicators of marine plastic pollution
Erik Solhaug, Biology
Andreas Madlung
Allopolyploidy and its effect on the photosynthesis of Arabidopsis suecica
Alisa Wallace, Biology
Stacey Weiss
Multimodal signaling in the striped plateau lizard (Sceloprous virgatus): Investigating the information content and efficacy of chemical cues and female-specific courtship ornamentation
Danique Gigger, Chemistry
Jo Crane
Solvothermal synthesis and characterization of chiral metal-organic frameworks
John Valenzuela, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Leslie Saucedo
Examining the functional role of dPRL-1 in Drosophila melanogaster
Morgan Giese, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Mark Martin
Designing grpE-lux transcriptional fusions to interrogate in vivo the prey cell periplasm of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
Kelsey Crutchfield-Peters, Biology
Kena Fox-Dobbs and Betsy Kirkpatrick
Below ground respiration and allocation of added C4-carbon in Puget lowland prairie soils
David Ho, Biology
Betsy Kirkpatrick
Changes in microbial communities of carbon-amended soils in a Puget Sound prairie
Spencer Gordon, Biochemistry
Andreas Madlung
Regulation of flower development and flower reversion in Arabidopsis suecica
Madison Cox, Biology
Mark Martin
Cloacal bacterial assemblages of Sceloporus virgatus, the striped plateau lizard
Justin Higa, Exercise Science
Heidi Orloff
Effect of shoe degradation on rear foot motion, leg stiffness, and peak forces in runners
Shelby Willis
Luc Boisvert
Development of iron-based catalysts for the homogeneous hydrogenation of C-X bonds
Dinah Draluk, Biochemistry
Jeff Grinstead Molecular modeling of MalA substrate complexes
Anne Fetrow, Geology
Mike Valentine Structural and paleomagnetic analysis of the basalt of Summit Creek
Kelly Rotstan, Biology
Andreas Madlung and Cristy Walcher Assessing phototropic response in lazy-2 mutants
Davis Shurbert, Math
Robert Beezer Implementing group presentations in Sage
Mackenzie Hepker, Biology
David Andresen Effect of oxytocin in modulating mirror neuron adaptibility to social context
Chris Large, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Leslie Saucedo Using Drosophilia melanogaster as a model to study expression of mammalian PRL-3
Casey Thayer, Molecular & Cellular Biology
John Hanson Exploring the substrate specificity of hen-egg white lysozyme and T4 lysozyme: The role of peptide in binding and catalysis
Matthew Thompson, Exercise Science
Heidi Orloff Shoe degradation over 400 miles in veteran runners
Audrey Kvam, Physics
David Latimer Analysis of the theoretical propogation of light through dark matter in an expanding universe
Sophia Raefsky, Exercise Science
Jung Kim Mapping of spinal interneurons associated with motor tasks in complete spinal cord injured mice
Adrian Simpson, Biochemistry
John Hanson Purification and characterization of MalA in Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus
Alicia Burns, Biochemistry
Steven Neshyba Molecular dynamics study of ice-vapor viscinal surfaces
Cameron Chrisman, Biochemistry
Luc Boisvert Synthesis of new arsenic catalysts for the industrially important amide formation reaction
Skyer Tetreau, Biology
Siddharth Ramakrishnan Developmental and neurological effects of bisphenol A on aquatic snails
Noah David, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Wayne Rickoll Analysis of would repair in Drosophilia embryo
Jenni Brehove, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Mark Martin Exppolysaccharide (EPS) production involved in tracking of Ensifer adhaerens
Christine Anderson, Biology
Peter Hodum Relationship between ocean-climate indices and diet of rhinoceros auklets (Cerorhinca monocerate)
Nick Davenport, Physics
Greg Elliott Quantized conduction in etched nanowires
Amrei Oswald, Chemistry & Physics
David Latimer Hidden dark matter self-interactions
Benjamin Boe, Physics
Rand Worland Experimental and numerical analysis of coupling between musical drumheads
Annin Ramsing, Biochemistry
Jeff Grinstead Benchmarking HADDOCK's solvated protocol
Ed Vinis, Chemistry
Eric Scharrer Effects of altering carbon chain lengths on the phase behavior of oxadiazole based liquid crystals
Andrew Ivener, Geology
Jeff Tepper Petrology and Tectonic Setting of the TEanaway Basalt, Washington
Elizabeth Roepke, Geology
Jeff Tepper Petrology and Tectonic Setting of the Teanaway Basalt, Washington
Ariana Lim, Natural Science & Biology
Joel Elliott Identifying symbiotic bacteria associated with eelgrass (Zostera marina) in high sulfide habitats