Student Research & Travel Awards

The University of Puget Sound offers many opportunities for students to engage in research and travel, whether in the natural sciences, in the social sciences, in the arts, or in the humanities. Most major programs of study either require or provide the option for a research-based thesis in the senior year. This site provides information and assistance on the numerous opportunities for students to apply for awards, grants, and stipends for support of their research projects and travels.

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Student Research Opportunities

On-Campus Housing for Summer Research Scholars

If selected, one additional benefit of your Summer Research Scholar award is on-campus housing on Theme Row, offered at a significantly reduced rate. Each house will support 4-5 students, with rooms rented at $300 per month prorated by week, including utilities. (Compared to housing prices during the academic year, this constitutes a $1000 summer benefit.)

Interested students should contact Lisa Hutchinson with a request to add their name to the waiting list of possible candidates. Please note, housing reservations will be made for students upon confirmation of their Summer Research Scholar status and are contingent upon availability.