Expeditionary: Trip & Equipment Rental Center

expedition (ak'spi dish' 'n):
1. a journey or voyage made for a specific purpose, as exploration.
2. the group of persons or vehicles engaged in such an activity
3. promptness or speed in accomplishing something
ex'pe•di;tion•ar•y, adj. of or used in an expedition

What's New?

The Expeditionary (Expy) is a student run outdoor equipment rental facility that is located in a grey house at 1506 N. Alder Street. The Expy Bike, Ski and Skate shop will be behind the new Expy.

Expeditionary Hours Fall 2014

Monday - Friday 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Staff for 2014-15

  • Expy Staff
    Bennet Roper, Corey Beale and Cory Kleber
  • PSO Coordinator of the Expeditionary
    Elisa Gibb
  • PSO Coordinator of the Bike Shop Coordinators
    Graham Robinson
  • ASUPS Skate Shop Coordinator
    Arthur Hogan

New Equipment

We have purchased more basic equipment so that anyone can go out - yes we have waterproof hiking boots for year round use. We also have rain pants, lots of gators, and mittens.

The variety of gear offered includes:

  • camping and backpacking equipment
  • snowshoes
  • cross-country (XC) ski touring equipment
  • backpacks
  • sleeping bags
  • snow shovels
  • propane camping stoves
  • backpacking stoves (MSR Whisperlight)
  • pots and pans
  • guide books
  • maps (hard copies and access to Topo software and a color printer)
  • other resources for your adventure