Student Staff

Residence Life Student Staff Members

Each residence hall area has a live-in staff consisting of one Resident Programming Advisor and from two to seven Resident Assistants. Together, the RPA and RAs support and assist residents in their academic and co-curricular pursuits. The student staff serves as a wonderful first step resource and referral agent for residents as they acclimate to life at Puget Sound and utilize campus and community offices and services. Each student staff member goes through an intensive summer training course, as well as monthly continued training seminars throughout the year, to prepare them for this role. There is at least one staff member on-call each night, who performs outreach throughout the hall and assures the safety and well-being of all residents. Due to the unique nature of Trimble Hall's suite-style accomodations, student staff in Trimble are called Resident Community Coordinators (RCCs), but still essentially function as RAs of the Trimble Hall community.

University & Smith Hall Staff
JAMES SPAAN, Resident Director
RPA Benjamin Boe
RA Nika Neshyba-Nara
RA Amy Bodner
RA Chas Stewart
RA Nathan Wang
RA Alexandria Van-Voris

Schiff & Harrington Hall Staff
JAMES SPAAN, Resident Director
RPA Zoey Olbum
RA Kent Bussom
RA Heather Stepp
RA Abby Wilson
RA Pete Bergene
RA Nakisha Renee Jones (Healthy Options Floor)
RA Shirley Xiao (Substance Free Floor)

Anderson/Langdon Hall Staff
JAMES SPAAN, Resident Director
RPA Brian Van Gundy
RA Mark Howard
RA Laurel Olfson
RA Taylor Smith
RA Kristin Brynsvold
RA Nathan Bradley

Todd/Phibbs Hall Staff
MATT JARRELL, Resident Director
RPA Kimberly Webber
RA Lauren Stuck
RA Gabe Davis
RA Daniel Peterschmidt
RA Megan Free
RA Megan Baunsguard
RA Sang-Won Kim
RA Yvonne Wetzig
RA Megan Free
RA Megan Baunsguard

Trimble Hall Staff
AYANNA BLEDSOE, Resident Director
RPA Natasha Breidenbach
RCC Danny Laesch
RCC Jordan Rae Cox
RCC Karen Carlson
RCC Patti Connors

Commencement Hall Staff
AYANNA BLEDSOE, Resident Director
RCC Nicole Renna (Humanities House)
RCC Hannah Mauer
RCC Haile Canton

Regester, Seward, and Langlow Hall Staff
AYANNA BLEDSOE, Resident Director
RPA Ryan Del Rosario
RA Justin Bigelow
RA Maggie Roach
RA Grete Slaugh (Honors first-year floor)
RA Bryson Calma
RA Bradon Roberts
RA Sam Coates
RA Kelly Frank
RA Madison Brown Moffit (Langlow Honors House)

House Resident Community Coordinators
Each House Resident Community Coordinator (RCC) is a facilities manager, programmer and resource for the residents in their designated neighborhood of on-campus houses.

MATT JARRELL, Resident Director
RCC Brenadon Trosper
RCC Shelley Stephan
RCC Emmerson Quarton
RCC Stephanie O'Connor
RCC James Robinson
RCC Rosa Dale-More
RCC Becca Long
RCC Calli Vasatka
RCC Lydia Grebrehiwot (Unit G)

Greek House Coordinators
Each Greek House Coordinator (GHC) is a member of their assigned Greek organization.  The GHC serves as the facilities and operations manager for their Chapter house and works with the university on housing issues.

TYLER PAU, Assistant Director of Residence Life
Alpha Phi: Molly Nelson
Gamma Phi Beta:  Lily Kiely
Kappa Alpha Theta: Beth Anderson
Phi Delta Theta: Mike Raub
Pi Beta Phi: Laura Sudmeier
Sigma Chi: Alex King
Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Max DeLawyer