Meet our Student Leaders

More than 50 student leaders comprise our team of peer residential support. They are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have a variety of experiences, strengths, and knowledge about resources on campus. Interested in joining our team? Applications are available now!

Student Leadership Team

Residence Life Student Leaders

Each residence hall area has a live-in staff consisting of one Resident Programming Advisor and two to seven Resident Assistants or Resident Community Coordinators. Together, the RPA, RAs, and RCCs support and assist residents in their academic and co-curricular pursuits. These student leaders serve as wonderful first-step resources and referral agents for residents as they acclimate to life at Puget Sound and utilize campus and community offices and services.

Each student leader goes through an intensive summer training, as well as monthly continued training seminars throughout the year, to prepare them for this role. There is at least one staff member on-call each night, who performs outreach throughout the hall and assures the safety and well-being of all residents.

Due to the unique nature of the houses with their neighborhoods, and Trimble and Commencement's suite/flat-style accommodations, student staff in these areas are called Resident Community Coordinators (RCCs), but still essentially function as resources and support for their communities.

Similarly, Greek chapter houses are unique in their organization.  As such, each Greek chapter house is supported by one Greek House Coordinator (GHC) who functions as a resource to the community as well as a liason between Residence Life and their respective chapter.  

Interested in joining residence life as a student-leader? Applications are available now for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Regester & Seward
Starre Helm (RD)
Quitterie Collingnon (RPA) (Reg)
Benjamin Fallis (Honors floor) (Reg)
Addison LaRock (Reg)
Annie Bradberry (Reg)

Neeyati Johnson (Sew)
Damon Williams (Sew)
Gabriel Newman (Sew)
Jessica Chan-Ugalde (Sew)

Starre Helm (RD)
Alexandria Van Voris (RPA)
Quinelle Bethelmie

Ryan Apathy
Eden Krolopp
Nathan Bradley
Sebastian Boal
Megan Stuart
Danielle Dixon 

Daniel Lee (RD)
Jacqueline Wong (RPA)
Zac Lokay
Anson Olson
Jenna Mobley
Kylie Young
Kelsey Reed 

Daniel Lee (RD)
Jack MArshall (unaffiliated)
Rachel Anderson (Humanities)
Marissa Croft  (International District)
Ian White (unaffiliated)

Daniel Lee (RD)
Garrett Buffington
Angelica Calderon
Antonio Manibusan
Maddy Kunz
Marcella Heineke
Lindsey Roberts
Hunter Simpson
Hazel Bryan
Christina Chapman (Langlow)

James Spaan (RD)
Rachel Eidsmoe (RPA)
Abigail Jackson
Miguel Moreno
Kaitlyn Meyer
Max Coleman
Kaitlin White

Schiff & Harrington
James Spaan (RD)
Emily Martis (RPA)
Elizabeth Marks
Melanie Schaffer (Healthy Options floor)
Frederico Alvarado 
Tiare Gill
Megan Waldo
Mike Pang

Smith & Oppenheimer
James Spaan (RD)
Maggie Roach (RPA)
Alaina Davis
Emma Casey
Alissa Charvonia
Bridget Alexander
Jayce Ikehara

Greek House Coordinators
Jenni Chadick (Supervisor)
Lauren Griffin (Gamma Phi Beta)
Austin Chikamoto (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)
Kelly Frank (Alpha Phi)
Dillon Gongliewski (Phi Delta Theta)
Leah Stromberg (Kappa Alpha Theta)
Brandon Schneider (Sigma Chi)
Mark Howard (Beta Theta Pi)
Hannah Freeman (Pi Phi Beta)