Redford Past Lectures

2015 Claudia Moser, Lorna Bryning Redfor Post-Doctoral Fellow in Archaeology, Classics Department
"Location, Location, Location, the Architecture of Changing Sacrificial Practices in Pre-Roman and Roman Gaul

2014  Claudia Moser, Lorna Bryning Redfor Post-Doctoral Fellow in Archaeology, Classics Department"Making Sense of Roman Animal Sacrifice"

2013 Ann Nicgorski, faculty curator, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, professor of art history and archaeology, Willamette University
"Re-Illuminating the Past: Ancient and Medieval Oil Lams from the Bogue Collection"

2010–2011 Nicola Denzey Lewis, Brown University
"The Mummy, the Book, and the Tomb: Rereading Early Egyptian Christianity Through Its Artifacts"

2011 Nicola Terrenato
"New Excavations at Gabil: At the Roots of Central Italian Urbanism"

2010 Christine M. Thomas
"The Urban Context of Early Christianity: New Archaeological Work at Ephesos"

2008–2009 Lisa Nevett, University of Michigan
"Ancient Greek Houses"

2007–2008 Eric Meyers, Duke University
"Nabratein: Jewish Transformations in a Galilean Village"

2006–2007 Malcolm Bell, University of Virginia
"Ancient Sites, Modern Museums, and the Rights of Antiquity"

2005–2006 Jodi Magness, Kenan Distinguished Professor for Teaching Excellence in Early Judaism, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls"

2004–2005 Hector Williams, University of British Columbia, director of excavations at Stymphalos and Mytilene
"Goddesses, Whore, Vampires and Archaeologists: Excavating Ancient Mytilene (Lesbos)"

2003–2004 Charles Brian Rose, University of Cincinnati
"Assessing the Evidence for the Trojan War"

2001–2002 James Russell, University of British Columbia
"Military Service in Peace and War: Reconstructing the Careers of Two Roman Grunts"