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Tuition & Fees

Your Cost of Attendance (COA) is the estimated cost of the direct and indirect expenses you can expect during an academic year.

Direct costs are charges billed by Puget Sound that appear on your student account. The following charges will be billed to most full-time undergraduate students during the nine month academic year.

Direct Costs 2016-17


Fall 2016


Spring 2017


Annual Costs

Tuition full-time
enrollment (3-4.25 units)



Student Government Fee

$121 $121 $242
Room on Campus $3,230 $3,230 $6,460
Board on Campus $2,670 $2,670 $5,340
Total $29,176 $29,176 $58,352


  1. Part-time students and students enrolled for more than 4.25 units are charged additional tuition at the rate of $5,845 per unit.
  2. Room charge is for a standard room. The premium room charge for single rooms, university houses, Commencement and Trimble Hall is $3,875 per semester.
  3. Board charge is for the Medium meal plan. Other meal plans available include Off-Campus ($1055), Light ($2560), Hearty ($2825), and Mega ($2925).
  4. Students who live in residence halls, Union Avenue housing, Foreign Languages House, and Langlow House are required to purchase an on-campus Light, Medium, Hearty, or Mega meal plan each semester.

Indirect costs are expenses you will incur that are not billed by Puget Sound.

Estimated Indirect Costs

Annual Costs

Books and Supplies $1,000
Transportation* $500
Personal/Miscellaneous $1,800
Total $3,300

 *Additional $920 is allocated for students from outside of Washington.