Music Clubs & Organizations

Puget Sound students are a proactive lot: They take initiative and actively pursue avenues to contribute to and improve their community. These music student organizations serve as some of the more visible examples of the positive, hands-on involvement that characterizes our student body.

Students need not be majors to participate in these groups; all of them have members who are music majors, minors, and general students active in music.

National Organizations

Sigma Alpha Iota

Puget Sound has a chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, an all-female music organization. Our chapter has a long and honorable history with missions that promote music and music service to communities. Chapter activities are varied in nature and strike a balance between community service, professionalism, and sociability. The members of Sigma Alpha Iota are also very diverse, with women studying everything from Psychology to Music Performance and coming from all areas of music such band, orchestra, voice, and piano. In the past, philanthropy projects have included a music marathon, singing valentines, and music camps at the YWCA and Boys & Girls Club.

Music Organizations Supported by ASUPS (Student Government)

Logger Pep Band

The Logger Pep Band is a student-run ensemble and recognized ASUPS club. Any students, undergraduate or graduate, or faculty members of the greater University of Puget Sound community are welcome to play! They rehearse weekly and perform regularly at home football and basketball games. The Logger Pep Band exists to inspire Logger pride at Puget Sound sporting events, as well as to provide a performance opportunity to those who are looking for a way to continue their musical development.

Underground Sound

Begun in 1997 as Underground Jazz, Underground Sound specializes in acapella performance of popular music arrangements. Recently, Underground Sound opened for the vocal acapella group M-Pact.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call is a student organization dedicated to the passionate, quality production of musical theater at Puget Sound. It is completely produced, directed, and performed by students.  Formerly "UPSStageM," it was founded in 2003 on the initiative of a few students with a particular interest in Broadway musicals.  Currently with 79 registered members, Curtain Call produces a musical theater revue every semester ranging from themed shows to scripted productions. Other opportunities for club members include Broadway movie nights, local school performances, and group outings to see professional musicals in Seattle. Our faculty advisor, Professor Duane Hulbert, accompanies for Curtain Call revues (and has also written several original musicals with his wife). The club’s long-term goals include promoting greater appreciation of musical theater on campus, getting more students involved in our activities, and performing student-written original musicals. Puget Sound students can also learn about musicals by taking "The Broadway Musical," a course by Professor Geoffrey Block, an internationally recognized scholar in this area, or participate in the musical jointly produced by the School of Music and the Theatre Department every three years.

What She Said

What She Said is a student developed, directed, and managed all-women's a cappella group. Originally formed in the spring of 2008, What She Said focuses on performing, composing, and arranging a cappella pieces from the pop, doo-wop, jazz, choral, and classical genres.  Since its creation, What She Said has performed in a multitude of on and off-campus events, ranging from end-of-semester concerts to conventions to benefit events. Noteworthy performances include those for Puget Sound's Relay for Lifeand Log Jam.

Garden Level

Garden Level is Puget Sound's all-male a cappella group. They perform on campus and around the region. The group recently finished recording their first album. Check out their website to meet the guys and listen to their performances.



Begun in 2003, The Music Student Advisory Committee includes students who meet regularly with Dr. Keith Ward, the Director of the School of Music. Representatives are invited from all major ensembles, Sigma Alpha Iota, and the keyboard studios, although membership is open to all interested music students. Meetings provide the opportunity for Dr.Ward to keep students apprised of upcoming events or important developments within the School of Music and for students to inquire about issues that come up during the course of the academic year. Members also undertake projects, many on their own initiative, for the benefit of all. Special projects MuSAC has or is undertaking include Instrument Appreciation classes, collaborations with the Business Leadership Program, design of a bulletin board for student organizations, advise on painting the student lounge, and posting guidelines for practice room etiquette.