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Madlung, A and Wendel, J.F.: Genetic and epigenetic aspects of polyploid evolution in plants. (2013) Cytogenetic and Genome Research 140, 270-285 (Abstract)

Madlung, A: Polyploidy and its effect on evolutionary success: old questions revisited with new tools. (2013) Heredity, 110, 99-104 (Abstract)

Matsushita, S.C., Tyagi, A.P., Thornton, G. M., Pires,J. C., Madlung, A.:Allopolyploidization lays the foundation for evolution of distinct populations: evidence from analysis of synthetic Arabidopsis allohexaploids. (2012) Genetics, 191, 535-547 (Abstract)

Madlung, A., Henkhaus, N., Jurevic, L., Kahsai, E.A., Bernhard, J.: Natural variation and persistent developmental instabilities in geographically diverse accessions of the allopolyploid Arabidopsis suecica. (2012) Physiologia Plantarum 144: 123–133 (Abstract)

Pignatta, D, Dilkes, B, Yoo, SY, Henry, IM, Madlung, A, Doerge, RW, Chen, ZJ, Comai, L: Differential sensitivity of the Arabodopsis thaliana transcriptome and enhancers to the effects of genome doubling (2010) New Phytologist, 186, 194-206 (Abstract)

Wright, KM, Pires, JC, Madlung, A: Mitotic instability in resynthesized and natural polyploids of the genus Arabidopsis (Brassicaceae), (2009) American Journal of Botany, 96, 1656-1664 (Abstract)

Wang, J., Tian, L., Lee, H. S., Wei, N.E., Jiang, H., Watson, B., Madlung, A., Osborn, T. C., Doerge, R. W., Comai, L., & Chen, Z. J. Genome-wide non-additive gene regulation in Arabidopsis allotetraploids. (2006) Genetics, 172, 507-517 (Abstract)

Madlung, A, Tyagi, AP, Watson, B, Jiang, H, Kagochi, T, Doerge, RW, Martienssen, R, Comai, L: Genomic changes in Arabidopsis polyploids (2005) The Plant Journal, 41, 221-230 (Abstract)

Pontes, O, Neves, N, Silva, M, Lewis, MS, Madlung, A, Comai, L, Viegas W, Pikaard, CS: Chromosomal locus rearrangements are a rapid response to formation of the allotetraploid Arabidopsis suecica genome (2004) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 101,  52, 18240-18245 (Abstract)

Madlung, A, and Comai, L: The effect of stress on genome regulation and structure. (2004) Annals of Botany, 94: 481-495 (Abstract)

Wang, J Tian, L, Madlung, A, Lee, HS, Chen, M, Lee, JJ, Watson, B, Kagochi, T, Comai, L, and Chen, ZJ: Stochastic and epigenetic changes of gene expression in Arabidopsis polyploids (2004) Genetics, 167, 1961-1973 (Abstract)

Comai, L, Madlung, A, Josefsson, C, Tyagi, A.: Do the different “heteromes” cause genomic shock in newly formed allopolyploids? (2003), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 358, 1149-1155 (Abstract)

Osborn, TC, Pires, JC, Birchler, JA, Auger, D, Chen, ZJ, Lee, HS, Comai, L, Madlung, A Doerge, RW, Colot, V, Martienssen, RA:  (2003) Understanding mechanisms of novel gene expression in polyploids (2003), Trends in Genetics, 19 (3), 141-147 (Abstract)

Madlung, A, Masuelli, R., Watson, B., Reynolds, S., and Comai, L: Remodeling of DNA Methylation and Phenotypic and Transcriptional Changes in Synthetic Arabidopsis Allotetraploids. (2002) Plant Physiology, 129, 733-746 (Abstract)

Molecular genetics of signal transduction in eukaryotic cells (collaboratively with C. Walcher)

Madlung, A., Behringer, F. and Lomax T.: Ethylene plays multiple non-primary roles in modulating the gravitropic response in tomato. (1999) Plant Physiology, 120 (3), 897-906 (Abstract)

Floral reversion

McCullough, E, Wright, KM, Alvarez, A, Clark, CP, Rickoll, WL, Madlung, A.: Photoperiod-dependent floral reversion in the natural allopolyploid Arabidopsis suecica (2010) New Phytologist, 186, 239-250 (Abstract)

Other related articles

Madlung, A: Genome Organization and Gene Expression. Chapter 2 (2010) In: Plant Physiology, Taiz, L and Zeiger, E (eds.), Sinauer, 5th ed, 35-61

Bremer, M, Himelblau, E, Madlung, A: Introduction to the Statistical Analysis of Two-Color Microarray Data. (2010) In: Statistical Methods in Molecular Biology, Bang, H, Zhou, XK, Epps, HLV, Mazumdar, M (eds.), Humana Press, 285-311 (Abstract)

Madlung, A., Bremer, M, Himelblau, E, Tullis, A: A study assessing the potential of negative effects in interdisciplinary math-biology instruction. (2011) CBE Life Science Education, 10, 43-54 (Abstract)

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