Security Services

To request assistance or initiate emergency response on-campus call Security Services (253.879.3311 or ext. 3311 from a campus phone) or dial 911.

Our Mission

Security Services will ensure a safe and secure campus environment by maintaining a professional presence on campus and providing the highest quality of service to its constituents.


Our Vision

Security Services staff members excel and take pride in all areas of their work, understand their importance on campus, and are committed to the universities goals and objectives.


Our Core Values



We use our resources appropriately and effectively


We approach our responsibilities with vigor and with a positive attitude. We endeavor to make our work fun.


We make it happen and always strive to meet the needs of our constituents.


We attend to our well-being and rely on each other.


We are fair and open-minded and foster equilibrium between our personal and professional lives.


We reach out to others in need.


By working as a team, we are most effective. We rely on each other’s strengths and recognize individual achievements.


Constituents have confidence in us. We honor our commitments.


We understand our responsibilities and communicate it through our actions.


Constituents and Stakeholders

  • Security Services serves students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the University.
  • Security Services works closely with the Tacoma Police and Fire Departments.
  • Security Services works cooperatively and collaboratively with Student Affairs staff.