Capital Development


What are the responsibilities of the Capital Development Department?

The Capital Development team is responsible for construction and design on campus. This includes the ongoing development and improvement of the buildings and grounds on campus, space planning, and interior design; overseeing the capital budget; creating spaces to support the University's strategic learning goals; planning and designing of development projects; maintaining records of campus facilities; and being the liaisons between the campus community, consultants, and contractors.

What projects has the Capital Development Department been a part of recently?

Everything the Capital Development Department does is a project! The most recent large projects the Department has completed include the design and construction of Weyerhaeuser Hall, the redesign and installation of the new Commencement Walkway, and the construction of the new, 55,000-square-foot, 135 bed residence hall, Commencement Hall.

Currently, the Capital Development team is working on a renovation and addition to Wheelock Student Center. The renovation includes the construction of a new, two-story addition with expanded dining spaces, a remodeled and improved servery and kitchen, and extensive other renovations throughout the building.


Interested in learning more about the Capital Development Department, its responsibilities, its current or future projects, or how to get involved with the Department? Contact Director Ally Bujacich!