The Diner

Students are balancing the pressures of living away from home for the first time with a high level of academic demands, not to mention involvement in athletics or organizations on campus and possibly a part-time job. With all of that to manage, having to stop for groceries plus cook, wash dishes, compost and recycle waste three times each day may not be an option. That's where we come in. We are here to provide a seamless, sustainable dining experience so that students can focus on academics.

Whether you are visiting the Diner for a meal with friends or grabbing a snack on the way to class, we want you to have a great customer experience while dining with us. Through our commitment to the environment and our local community, we strive to bring our customers the best local products.

Located in Wheelock Student Center, the central hub of campus, the Diner provides students a vibrant dining experience that nourishes students and our campus community.

Meal plan

Many schools offer meal plans that require the student to dine at specific places and times on campus. These plans give students a certain number meals per week. Dining facilities under this type of meal plan generally offer an all-you-can-eat meal for a set price, so whether you want a snack or a full meal with extra helpings, the price is the same.

Dining at University of Puget Sound operates more like a prepaid debit card. You choose the meal plan that meets your lifestyle needs, and the funds are loaded onto your Logger card in the form of Dining Dollars (D$). Items are priced individually so each time you make a purchase; you pay only for what you eat. You can also use your D$ at any of the dining facilities on campus during any regular operating hours (hours vary by facility). Dining facilities on campus are open as early as 6:45 a.m. and as late as 1 a.m. to ensure students have accessibility to food regardless of their diverse agendas.


The Diner aims to include options for a diverse student body coming to Puget Sound from a wide variety of different cultural backgrounds. Menus and dining events are carefully created to support unique cultural exploration through food.

Dietary Needs

We are dedicated to meeting the special dietary needs of our students. Rated among the top ten Most Vegan-Friendly Colleges for several years running, Puget Sound offers a large range of vegan and vegetarian options including an entire station devoted our herbivores. We also offer many gluten-free options. Have a food allergy? Check out our allergen icons located throughout the menus in the Diner to see all the options available to you.

Our Local Partners

The Diner supports local farming and regional production efforts and give those companies first priority in all purchasing decisions. We strive to decrease our impact on the environment by increasing awareness around sound and sustainable environmental practices in our dining facilities. We count on your help and support in our efforts for environmental responsibility so let us know what matters to you. Students purchasing decisions have a huge influence on our menus and a real impact on the people and environment that sustains us daily.

Check your Dining Dollars

You can see how many total D$ you have left on your cascade account under "student finances." Running low? You can purchase D$ in the same place. View the D$ usage chart, which lets you know, based on your meal plan and the current week, how many D$ you should have left for the semester.

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