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Remember trying to decide what career path to pursue, or whether to attend graduate school? Recall apartment hunting or job searching in a new city? Imagine how helpful it would've been to have a group of Puget Sound alumni willing to share their knowledge and offer you advice. The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)…

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Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network

The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) database is part of LOGGER[net], Puget Sound's online alumni community. Join ASK, or update your ASK Profile through LOGGER[net]:

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What is ASK?

The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network is a group of Puget Sound graduates who have volunteered to share information with students and alumni about career paths, postgraduate studies, and transitioning to life after Puget Sound.

What do ASK volunteers do?
All ASK volunteers provide information about their career activities through their searchable ASK Profile online. The most common way that students interact with ASK volunteers is by viewing ASK Profiles to get ideas about the kinds of careers that alumni with various majors pursue.

Beyond keeping your ASK Profile up to date, your level of participation is negotiable between you and the requestor. You can choose to make yourself available to answer direct queries by phone, email, or in person that may include:

  • Loggers interested in exploring career options with professionals in specific fields, seeking advice about graduate school choices, or curious about transitioning to life after Puget Sound.
  • Career and Employment Services (CES) staff members inviting your participation in career-related activities.
  • Faculty members advising students about career and graduate school options.

You choose your level of involvement and can indicate your ASK contact preferences. You are not committed to any participation beyond keeping your ASK Profile up to date. If you are interested in ways to become more involved with students' career development, check out the ASK Toolkit.

Once a Logger, always a Logger!

Are you soon-to-graduate, or a recent grad? Join ASK!

Whether you have a job or not…live locally or afar…regardless of your major or the type of work you pursue…you are a Puget Sound grad and you understand what current students are going through.

And, joining ASK is a great way to build your network. Consider listing your job title as “searching for…” to start with, and access ASK as you conduct your own search for information about careers, graduate schools, and cities you’ll be moving to. The balance of how much advice you seek to how much advice you can offer will shift as you transition from Puget Sound.

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