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Congratulations on your admission to University of Puget Sound! All the information you need to get started at Puget Sound will be found here. 

Check back often as we update this page with useful information!

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Accept your offer of admission by the deadline listed in your admission packet and secure your spot by paying your $500 Advance Tuition Payment through myPugetSound as soon as possible! Need help? We have step-by-step instructions.


Once your Advance Tuition Payment has been received, look at your To-Do List on myPugetSound.

Final Transcript, Academic Advising, Class Registration, & Advisor Assignment

For all entering transfer students with college experience and credit, we offer a streamlined pathway to an academic advising assignment and registration for fall classes. Your Advising Placement Questionnaire will become available on your myPugetSound portal shortly after your deposit is received. If applicable, you may be asked to take a math placement test at that time as well. Please be sure to fill it out as soon as possible so that you can proceed with class registration, as detailed below. 

We also ask that you send your final transcript with your most recent grades from your current college or university as soon as possible.

When you applied for admission, you gave us some indication of your intended academic major (if you have chosen one). We will assign you a faculty advisor in the department of your intended major (often the chair) if you have chosen one; if you are undecided, we will assign you an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising. You will receive a letter soon after you have submitted your Advance Tuition Payment naming your academic advisor and giving you contact information for him or her. 

You and your academic advisor may meet either in person or over the telephone to complete your first registration for classes at Puget Sound. You and your advisor will discuss the academic credit you are bringing with you, how that credit applies to Puget Sound core and major requirements, and decide on a fall class schedule. Once you and your advisor have settled on an appropriate schedule for fall, he or she will remove your registration hold which will allow you to use myPugetSound to register for your classes.

Students with significant foreign language skills may be able to fulfill the Foreign Language graduation requirement by successfully passing our Foreign Language Proficiency Exam during Orientation in August. Stay tuned in the next few months for instructions on signing up for this exam.

Confidential Medical History and Immunization Form

We also need you to send us a your Confidential Medical History and Immunization Form as soon as possible.


If you are a fall transfer, to make the best possible match for you based on your preference, please fill out your Housing Application, available starting April 25 through myPugetSound (Please complete as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the most appropriate housing assignment). Your Housing Application link will appear on your account once your $500 Advance Tuition Payment has been processed. Questions? Email reslife@pugetsound.edu.

For more information on transfer housing visit our Transfer Move In page.


Students entering Puget Sound in the fall semester have the opportunity to participate in a truly unique adventure through Orientation, with nine days split into three distinct experiences called Prelude, Passages, and Perspectives. Participation in each portion of the program is encouraged, but optional, for transfer students. During Prelude you will be introduced to the discussion-based classroom experience at Puget Sound and meet professors and classmates, plus you’ll also register for classes. Passages is the outdoor adventure portion of Orientation, where you’ll see some amazing views at “base camp” on Hood Canal and have the opportunity to go on an overnight canoeing excursion, take backpacking trips, and do fun activities with fellow new students in camp. During Perspectives you’ll learn more about campus life, meet with your faculty advisor, and have the opportunity to experience life as a citizen of Tacoma through a day of volunteering in the community. Please register for Orientation on myPugetSound by July 1.

For a full schedule of orientation activities, including a sample transfer orientation schedule, please visit our orientation page.

Tuition and Billing

We use an online billing system called Touchnet Bill + Payment, which you access through myPugetSound. On Bill + Payment, students and authorized users can view monthly bills, account activity, and make online payments via e-check.

Your Fall 2017 bill will post in July and is due by August 15. Please contact Student Financial Services if you have questions about payments.