First-Year Advising Classes

Complete the Advising Placement Questionnaire, available on your myPugetSound account after depositing, to rank your advising class and first-year seminar preferences.

"RS" and "RS-Hum" denote courses that include a residential component.

NOTE: The Seminars in Scholarly Inquiry I (SSI-1) below are advising seminars – students will fulfill two requirements (advising and seminar) with one course of SSI-1.

Honors advising
Honors students will be placed in a section of SS1-1 194: Technologies of Power, and advising will be coordinated through this class enrollment. NOTE: Honors Program students are chosen by the Honors Committee. Any first-year student who is interested in the program and who has not already expressed that interest to the Office of Admission is encouraged to apply by writing to the Office of Admission, in care of the Honors Program.



Important Note

The offerings on this page are current as of April 1, 2020. Changes to these offerings may occur, and will be reflected in choices available online through Puget Sound's Advising Placement Questionnaire. Residential Seminars (seminars whose students live together on the same floor of a residence hall) are denoted as "RS" in the course title.