#pugetsoundbound Buttons

Visit campus to collect them all!

The Hatchet

Storied to have been unearthed by students in 1908, the hatchet was used as part of a tradition involving seniors giving the hatchet to juniors, immediately followed by sophomores attempting to snatch the iconic tool for themselves. In more recent history, the hatchet continues to appear and disappear from campus.


If you’ve visited Puget Sound (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!) you’ve seen the massive trees throughout campus. Travel only two hours from Tacoma to the Olympic Peninsula, and you’ll find yourself in a real rainforest – one of few such environments in North America.

 Hack Hack Chop Chop 

A contemporary Puget Sound mantra, “Hack Hack Chop Chop,” can often be heard as a frenzied rally cry of solidarity at Logger sporting events. Don’t take the saying too literally though; Puget Sound Loggers love trees and sustainability is part of campus culture.


A friendly and huggable mascot, if you see “Grizz the Logger” on campus high five those big bear hands. You’ll know Grizz by the signature ensemble: red-flannel shirt (maybe someone should mention that grunge ended in the ’90s?), loose-fitting jeans, and, of course, the iconic hatchet.