Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity

Puget Sound is engaging in a rigorous, affirmative, open and fully vetted process as we undertake a national search for the new role of vice president for institutional equity and diversity.

Throughout this important search, we will engage all members of the campus community, embracing the considerable expertise that exists on our campus and in our community, and the deep commitment of everyone engaged in leading, organizing, and coordinating various facets of this critically important work.

Puget Sound must be a place where all are welcome and feel a strong sense of support and belonging. We are at our best when we lift up all voices, all perspectives, and all people. With this appointment we will strengthen our commitment to diversity and equity across our institution, coordinating and advancing strategic efforts to eliminate discrimination in all of its forms.

Thank you for your participation, every day, in making Puget Sound a strong and healthy community for all who live, work and learn on our campus.  To share your thoughts with the search committee, please attend one of the sessions below or respond to the "Share Your Thoughts" survey available on this website.

Isiaah Crawford


Nominations and Inquiries
Witt/Kieffer is assisting Puget Sound with this search. Nominations and inquiries were directed to Charlene Aguilar and Amy Crutchfield at More information is available in the Position Profile.

Open Sessions for the Campus Community
Opportunities to learn about the search and share with members of the search committee your hopes and aspirations for this important new leadership role at Puget Sound were held on Sept. 14, 17 and 24, and were open to all students, faculty, and staff members. If you were unable to attend  these or other session and have additional feedback, please share your thoughts.