Logger Day Challenge 2019

Logger Day Challenge 2019

On March 26, 2019, Loggers came together for a one-day online giving event to support current and future Puget Sound students and empower the next generation of visionary leaders.

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Logger Day Challenge 2019

Thank you, Loggers! 

The #LoggerDayChallenge was an extraordinary success! This year's event wildly exceeded our expectations: In 24 hours, more than 1,700 Loggers raised more than $240,000 for scholarships, academic programs and resources, campus facilities, Logger athletics, and more.

Loggers around the world rose to the #LoggerDayChallenge, making March 26, 2019, the largest day of giving in Puget Sound history. Learn more on the #LoggerDayChallenge giving site, or check out the day's highlights below.

Because of YOU, we smashed our #LoggerDayChallenge participation goals, unlocking fun digital swag for all. Download a Logger ringtone, a Grizz the Logger coloring page, and Puget Sound MAD LIBS® below! 

#LoggerDayChallenge Digital Swag

Logger Ringtones

Download "Hack Hack, Chop Chop" (recorded by current students) or "Puget Sound Alma Mater" (recorded on the violin by Professor of Music Maria Sampen), directly to your phone, and set it as your ringtone—or as a special ringtone for your favorite Logger contacts.  



Desktop: Right click on the Logger ringtone link you want to download and select "Download file as" or "Save link as" to save the file to your computer.

Mobile: Click on the Logger ringtone link you want to download, then click the download button in the player toolbar.



Grizz Coloring Page

Download and print this one-of-a-kind #LoggerDayChallenge coloring page, featuring Grizz the Logger, for all the future Loggers in your life—or for yourself! Really like the finished piece? Post your Grizz page to social media and tag us (@univpugetsound, #LoggerDayChallenge), and we'll share it!

Grizz coloring page

Logger Libs

If you like MAD LIBS®, trust us, you're gonna love these. Just [  verb  ] these PDFs, grab your [  plural noun  ], and write your own [  adjective  ] Puget Sound story!



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