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While the full impact of this global crisis unknown, we can guarantee that your gift to the Puget Sound Fund, to any area, will be used, appreciated and needed.

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Joel Hefty '86

We have experienced, firsthand, the transformative power of a Puget Sound education.

While the full impact of this global crisis is unknown, we do know that a Puget Sound education is valuable and must continue. Your support offers the flexibility needed to guide students, and the campus community, through this global crisis.

Sophie Semenjik ’22

"Puget Sound supports me in the pursuit of my passions. I never felt like I needed to stop one thing in order to do another."


Sophie is a double major in politics and government, and international political economy. She is also a swimmer and tour guide, and is involved in Greek life and a number of clubs on campus.

Professor of Chemistry Dan Burgard

"Puget Sound faculty members are working with students to ask really big questions about the world. Supporting faculty members supports students."


Dan Burgard has been a chemistry professor at Puget Sound for 14 years. Earlier this year, he published student-supported research that was covered by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other media outlets.

Carly Dryden '19

"Puget Sound has taught me to stand up, to speak out, and to fight for what is right." 


Carly is a theatre arts major and an emerging national leader with It’s On Us, a social movement that is raising awareness and fighting against sexual violence on college campuses.

Kevin Le ’19

"Helping develop leaders and helping students be the best they can be... it's almost indescribable how good that makes me feel and how much I want to continue doing that for the rest of my life."


Kevin is a natural science major and a dynamic student leader. He currently serves as president of the Interfraternity Council and works in the dean of students office.

Sunil Kukreja “Our students have significant ability to analyze, empathize, listen, and dialogue constructively, which prepares them to foster conversations at a broader community level when they leave Puget Sound.”


Sunil is a nationally regarded researcher, editor, and higher education leader. He encourages his students to be fearless in their exploration of difficult questions and endlessly curious in their inquiry and ideas.

Jess K Smith ’05

"It’s pretty easy to feel discouraged about the world, but all you have to do is visit a class and meet some Puget Sound students to feel inspired and find a renewed sense of hope. They remind you that we have a bright future."


Jess is a proud Puget Sound alumna and professor. After Ivy League graduate school and directing plays all over the country, Jess chose to return to her alma mater because, she says, “Puget Sound changed my life.”

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