Investing in the next generation now

Each year dedicated alumni volunteers make an incredible impact on campus—welcoming new students, raising money for financial aid, offering meaningful internship opportunities, and more. 

In 2017, with the help of volunteers, Puget Sound launched a pilot mentoring program to support students' career development via on-campus programs, employer visits, and one-on-one student meetings. We also awarded $340,000 in Alumni Fund Scholarships to 29 students, thanks to generous donations from alumni.

Connecting with Students

Kato Wade '04"I was thrilled to be part of a pilot mentoring program that I knew could have so much impact and create another way for alumni to give back to the university. I have been fortunate in my life and career to have a handful of incredible mentors along the way. My conversations with my mentee, Harry Ha '18, have spanned academia and personal background, to values and cultures both here and abroad. I especially enjoyed our discussion around the different measures of success in the United States versus China, Harry's home. 

I have been humbled by the perspective and already incredible impact Harry is having on the world. This experience has reminded me of the amazing support I have received through the years, and has reinforced my belief that any conversation or action, even seemingly small, can have a profound effect on a person's life, in ways that may not be readily seen. I hope that some element of his personal, professional, or civic life will be improved by our interactions, and perhaps even compel him to be a mentor in his own career."

Kato Wade '04, vice president and director, client experience, Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank

The Alumni Fund Scholarships

Without the support of thousands of alumni, an education at University of Puget Sound would not be possible for many talented students. Nearly two-thirds of Puget Sound students receive need-based financial aid, including Alumni Fund Scholarships. In 2016-17 Alumni Fund Scholarships totaled $340,000 in awards to 29 students. 

Hear from some of our current Alumni Fund Scholars.


Get involved!

There are so many ways to stay involved with Puget Sound. It's easy, it's fun, and it just might change someone's life. 

Volunteers have the opportunity to meet on campus twice each year to share ideas and get an insider's look at what's happening at Puget Sound.