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University Enrichment Committee (UEC) Research Awards

The UEC provides awards for up to $500 to support direct costs (e.g., materials, supplies) related to student research projects.


Fall semester application deadline: September 13 (early bird) and November 1

Spring semester application deadline: April 6

Evaluation Criteria

A faculty panel evaluates each proposal and makes awards on a competitive basis. Decisions are based on the clarity, strength, and completeness of the written proposal, appropriateness of the proposed budget, and strength of a supporting letter from the faculty advisor. For your reference, please see the linked rubric used by the faculty evaluation panel to evaluate and score each proposal. Note that points are deducted for any missing components and that proposals without a supporting letter are not reviewed. When applicable, awarded funds are not released until IRB or IACUC approval documentation is received.

Evaluation of Student Research Proposal Rubric

Responsibilities of Award Recipients

Once an award is made, any deviation in expenditures from the approved budget must receive the approval of the University Enrichment Committee. Please send such requests to enrichment@pugetsound.edu. At the conclusion of the project, the student must communicate the results of the project to enrichment@pugetsound.edu by September 30. The message should contain a brief description of the project (approximately 250 words), and a detailed accounting of how the UEC Research Award was spent.

Notice on Award Limits

Funded awards must be expended by August 31 of the academic year in which the award was received; any balances remaining after August 31 will be reclaimed by the University Enrichment Committee.

Because of the increasing demand for student research and travel funds, the University Enrichment Committee may be unable to award more than one research or travel award to a single student during the academic year.