The University Enrichment Committee (UEC) invites proposals for travel funding for full-time students whose independent work has been accepted for presentation at regional or national conferences. The maximum limit on each award is $500. Student co-presenters will share a single grant. Students may receive no more than one UEC conference travel award per academic year.


Conference travel scheduled for the current academic year is eligible for consideration. Applications will be considered throughout the year on a rolling basis, as long as they are submitted by April 15.


Application for these funds should be made at least two weeks prior to the date of travel to the University Enrichment Committee using the online form. The online application form requires the following information:

  1. Conference details (name, location, and dates).
  2. Costs related to transportation, lodging, and registration.
  3. An abstract of the paper or work to be presented.
  4. Verification of acceptance for presentation at the conference.

Responsibilities of Award Recipients

Travel outside of the United States. If conference attendance involves travel outside of the United States, contact the Director of International Programs at 253-879-2515 to make an appointment to attend a pre-departure orientation that must be completed prior to travel. The University of Puget Sound does not support travel to countries with high safety and health risks. For further details, please review the Travel Abroad Policy for High-Risk Areas.

A Foreign Travel Waiver (Waiver, Release, and Indemnification Agreement for University of Puget Sound Student Foreign Travel) must be submitted to by any student planning to travel outside the United States to attend a conference. This waiver must be completed and submitted prior to travel.

Budget revisions. Once an award is made, any deviation in expenditures from the approved budget must receive the approval of the University Enrichment Committee. Please send such requests to

Reporting. In order to obtain reimbursement for conference travel costs, students must do the following, within two weeks of their return from the conference:

  1. Provide evidence (to of their participation at the conference, such as a copy of the final conference program that lists the student's name, presentation title, session, and date.
  2. Email a copy of the paper, poster, PowerPoint presentation, or other work presented at the conference to
  3. Email a completed Reimbursement Request Form with scanned receipts to Copy on the same message (do not send two separate messages).
  4. Print the first worksheet tab of the completed Reimbursement Request Form, and attach all original receipts. Submit the materials to the Office of Finance in Jones 018. Additional information on the reimbursement process can be found on the UEC Expense and Reimbursement Information page.

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