Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and WFR Recertification Course - CANCELED

Due to the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, this course is canceled.  We are currently looking into rescheduling this course for August.

If you are currently registered, we will contact you with more information or to process a full refund.

May 26-28, 2020


Presented by the Wilderness Medical Training Center

Sponsored by Puget Sound Outdoors


Standard 3 day WFA Course Information:

  • Who is this course for?
    The course is designed for outdoor enthusiasts and new leaders adventuring in areas an hour or more from definitive medical care. The content and the training are recommended for outdoor enthusiasts and new leaders on short day and short overnight trips.
  • This is a three day WFA course. Most WFA courses are 2 days and leave little time for scenarios. The three day course offers more time for scenarios which leads to improved skills and better retention.  Also wilderness CPR is included in the cost.
  • WFA Course Syllabus

Course Information, and Registration

This is a 3-day course which is much more comprehensive than most 2-day WFA courses.  Most WFA courses are two day courses. By doing so you will become more confident in your skills through additional scenarios and skills are added including how to clear a spinal injury. There will also be additional topics and scenarios not covered in a 2-day course.  These topics include allergies, toxins, anaphylaxis, and spine management.  Also a wilderness CPR certification is included in the the course which is not usually the case for WFA courses.

  • The daily schedule will run from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  There will be a 45- 60 minute lunch break each day.
  • Travel after the course - the course will be over by before 6:00pm on the last day so plan accordingly so as to avoid missing flights.
  • WFR Re-certification - this course can be used to re-certify a WFR course:
    *There will be an option to indicate this when you register online below.  $25 is added to the cost and you will need to take the re-certification test online prior to the course.
  • Course Cost:
    • Public - $275
    • Puget Sound Students, Faculty, and Staff - $200 by April 17, 2020 and $275 after


  1. Complete the registration form

  2. Registration Confirmation:
    Bring a copy of the registration confirmation which was emailed to you to the Expeditionary. Or if you are not a student or abroad call the Expeditionary to pay.
  3. Payment is required to complete your registration and guarantee a spot in the course.
    • In person payment - cash, credit card or check (payable to University of Puget Sound). Come by the Expeditionary at 1408 N. Alder Street from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.
    • Over the phone - pay by phone with all major credit cards
    • Mail in payment via check or money order.  Checks should be made payable to the University of Puget Sound.
      • Student Involvement and Programs - Kevin Buchanan
        University of Puget Sound
        1500 N. Warner Street, #1069
        Tacoma, WA 98416-1069
    • More information: 253-879-3403
      Fax: 253-879-8583
      Hours: Monday - Friday 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Cancellation Policy

PSO Policy on Refunds

Necessary Personal Equipment

  • Notebook for taking notes (bigger is better—no mini notebooks!)
  • Pens and pencils (having colors—at least red, blue, green, and black—will help)
  • Watch that can tell seconds
  • Water bottle, lunch, snacks
  • Clothes, rain pants and jacket, and footwear appropriate for outside activity (they will get wet and dirty—not the best place for your nicest outdoor gear!)
  • An extra pair of shoes/slippers to wear indoors
  • Simulation Clothing which can be cut to access wounds or cut off.
    These are required and will get cut up - clothing should fit and have no holes:
    • one long sleeved shirt, buttons are ok
    • one pair of long pants
    • two shirts without buttons
    • WOMEN MUST bring and wear a jog bra & shorts or a one-piece swimming suit under your clothing for simulations; they will NOT be cut.
    • MEN MUST bring and wear a pair of shorts or swimsuit under your simulation clothes; they will not be cut.


  • Food is not provided as a part of the course fee.
  • Hours at the Diner and at Diversions Cafe are:
    Breakfast and lunch will be available on campus most days and dinner may or may not be available depending on other conference groups.

  • Coffee and Food Hours - Diversions Cafe and  Diner
    The Diner
     Open from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with the following variances:
     Open for breakfast from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and Closed for lunch on Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day)

    Diversions Café
     Open from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
     Closed on Monday, May 25 (Memorial Day) 

    The Cellar, Lillis Café and Oppenheimer Café
     Closed for the summer

Course Location and Timing

  • The course takes place on the Puget Sound campus with outdoor scenarios on campus.
  • Classroom TBA.
  • Here is the campus map, follow the driving directions to the west side of campus.
  • You can park in the parking lot at N. 14th and Union Avenue for free.
  • Be there ready to go before 8:00 am each morning.
    • Monday class will run from 8:00 am to lunch, lunch to a dinner break and then CPR in the evening after the dinner break.
    • Tuesday will run from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.
    • Wednesday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.


  • Students living in campus housing during the spring semester of 2020:
    Lodging on campus is available if you are or will be living on campus for the spring semester of 2020.  If you live on campus we will request a late check out.  Please specify that you are living on campus when you sign up.
  • Students - living off campus
    You will be responsible for your own housing.
  • Non-students:
    • There is camping in the area at Dash Point State Park, and there are hotel, Air BnB and B&B and options in Tacoma.
    • Parking overnight campus in available only for RV's with full self contained sanitary systems.