Expeditionary: Trip & Equipment Rental Center

expedition (ak'spi dish' 'n):
1. a journey or voyage made for a specific purpose, as exploration.
2. the group of persons or vehicles engaged in such an activity
3. promptness or speed in accomplishing something
ex'pe•di;tion•ar•y, adj. of or used in an expedition

The Expeditionary (The Expy) is a student-run outdoor equipment rental facility that is located in a campus house at 1408 N. Alder Street. 

Hours of Operation

Limited Contact Rentals

While our building will remain closed to the public, we are excited to announce that we are now open for curbside pickup!

How it works:

  1. Fill out the Equipment Rental Request form (we recommend submitting at least 2 business days before you want to pick up your equipment).  You can view a list of available equipment and rental prices here.
  2. Our staff will set aside the equipment and send you a link for an online payment and rental contract to complete prior to picking up your equipment
  3. On the pick-up date you indicated in your request, pull up behind the Expeditionary during our open hours, give us a call, and we will bring your equipment out to you!
  4. Go out and have fun!
  5. On the return date you indicated, return to the Expeditionary, give us a call, and we will take the equipment back

Where is The Expeditionary?

1408 N. Alder Street...behind the Wheelock Student Center

New Expy location fall 2018