National Study of Learning, Voting, & Engagement (NSLVE) data for the University of Puget Sound.

National Study of Learning, Voting, & Engagement (NSLVE) data for the University of Puget Sound.

For the 2018 mid-term elections, NSLVE reported that students studying history, natural resources & conservation, and interdisciplinary studies voted at the highest rates of all UPS majors. In contrast, students studying computer & information sciences, and mathematics voted at the lowest rates of all UPS majors…

Register to Vote

In his annual address to faculty and staff members, President Crawford shared that while ‘it is a bitterly divisive time in our national politics, [he is] hopeful that if we all stay active and engaged—and if we all make a commitment to vote…to encourage and support others in their efforts to vote…and to make sure those votes get counted here in Washington state and across the country—we will, in a most important way, advance justice and the most foundational concept of our democracy.  Leadership—whether in politics or business or higher education—does not happen in a vacuum. Leadership is made possible by participation in the process. We all have a role to play in the governance of our campus, our community and our country. Please vote.’ 

Below you will find resources  to help make it easier for you to register to vote.  If you are unable to vote, there are still ways to be involved.  

If you are uncertain if you are registered to vote or where you are registered to vote, you can look up your voter registration in a number of places. Most states’ Secretary of State Departments have links on their webpages where you can find this information.

This is a critical time for the United States.  Voting is a right that has been hard won.  As the late Representative John Lewis said, “The vote is precious. It is almost sacred. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democracy.”  I challenge all of the Puget Sound community to turn out to vote this fall.  Show up, be counted, encourage others to vote. Take the first step toward voting today and make sure you’re registered to vote. 

If you have questions about registering to vote in your state or about receiving an absentee ballot, our Voter Engagement Specialists in the Office of Civic Engagement & Leadership can help you.  

Voter Registration Resources

For those of you residing in Washington State on Election Day this year, you can register to vote in Washington by clicking here.  This link will direct you to VoteWashington’s online registration form run by the Washington Secretary of State’s Office.  The deadline to register online in Washington is October 26, but why wait?  Register today.

For those of you residing in another state, click here to visit the Campus Vote Project’s interactive map, where you may click on your state of residence and learn how to register to vote where you live.  Campus Vote Project is a non-partisan organization devoted to helping college students participate in our democracy through voting.