Wilderness First Responder course (WFR)

January 12-20, 2019

Presented by the Wilderness Medicine Training Center
Sponsored by Puget Sound Outdoors, University of Puget Sound

There is space for 30 participants in this course so sign up early. The course will most likely fill near the early registration date.

About the WFR Course and Syllabus

Who is the course for?
Outdoor professionals, those who take multi-day or longer personal trips, those who take part in high risk activities (rock climbing, whitewater paddling, mountaineering, multi-week expeditions of all kinds, etc.), or those who simply want to know more about wilderness medicine. Certification as a Wilderness First Responder is the industry standard for outdoor instructors and guides. We recommend taking the full course every six years.

Our standard WFR course is 9-days long; the practical session. Adult & Child CPR/AED certification is included. Please visit the hybrid WFR website's homepage for course details prior to registering.

Standard WFR course syllabus

Course Dates & Times

  • Course starts at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday January 12, 2019
  • Location - University of Puget Sound campus, Thompson Hall rm 193 see below for driving information
  • Daily times – the course schedule will vary throughout the course. Generally there will be morning class time starting promptly at 8:00 am and going to lunch. Then in the afternoon there will be a combination of interactive  scenarios, class and skills sessions. See projected syllabus below.  Class will run from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily with 30 to an hour for lunch.



    • Registration rate $625
    • Upgrade WFR to WEMT early registration discount - contact us for more information

Campus Community

    • Registration rate $500 by November 16 and $550 after
    • Upgrade WFR to WEMT early registration discount - contact us for more information


  • Complete registration form at the Expeditionary or online and email, mail or fax it to us.
  • Payment is required to reserve your spot in the course
    • In person payment - cash, credit card or check (payable to University of Puget Sound).  Come by the Expeditionary at 1506 N. Alder Street from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. Monday - Friday to pay by credit card.  253-879-3403.
    • Over the phone - mail, email, or fax registration in and we will contact you to pay over the phone. You are not registered until payment is complete.
  • Mail in registration form and a check or money order to:

Puget Sound Expeditionary
1500 N. Warner Street, #1003
Tacoma, WA 98416

More information: 253-879-3403
Fax: 253-879-2932
Hours: Monday - Friday 4:00pm - 7:00pm




Cancellation Policy

See course agreement for more information


Course Material

WMTC researches, writes, edits and publishes their own field guides and teaching materials.

  • Full color water-proof field handbooks; for everything you can't remember....
  • Weatherproof patient SOAP notes.

Necessary Personal Equipment

  • Clothing for scenarios which can be cut to access wounds or cut off of you for scenarios:
    • 2 - t-shirts
    • 2 - long sleeved shirts
    • 2 -  pair of long pants
    • One pair of heavy socks
    • Students must wear underwear or swimsuit and jog bras for women.
    • DO NOT short this list! ALL the listed clothing IS REQUIRED for effective practice during simulations and labs. Clothing can usually be purchased cheaply through Goodwill, Salvation Army, local thrift store, church, yard sale or secondhand stores. Ask clerk for rejects and throw-away clothing).
  • Warm clothing for daily outside simulations: Waterproof- top & bottoms, fleece jackets, long underwear - top and bottoms, watch (not your cell phone), waterproof hiking boots, warm hat, gloves, water bottle, headlamp, large daypack. If you have older outdoor equipment and clothes bring them - or stop by Goodwill. You may have fake blood, mud, dirt, sand ground into any of the clothes you wear.
  • Please bring a water bottle and hot drink mug to be sustainable and stay healthy.
  • Extra pair of shoes for indoors or slipper to keep the mud out of the building and dry feet are happy feet
  • Writing utensils and notebook


  • Colored pencils or markers can be helpful for taking notes during anatomy lessons
  • Thermos

Food and Meals

  • A microwave, hot pot, coffee maker, tea and coffee will be provided for the course.  A refrigerator is not available.
  • Meals are not included in the course fee.
  • Lunch will generally be 45 minutes to an hour long each day.  You will have time to eat on campus or bring your own lunch.  There is generally not enough time to go off campus for lunch.
  • Meals are available on campus during the course and can be paid for with cash or credit card

  • The Diner and Diversions Cafe will be open during the course with limited hours

  • Coffee and Food Hours - Diversions Cafe and  Diner


  • Students:
    Lodging on campus is available if you are or will be living on campus for the spring semester of 2018.  If you live on campus we will request a late check out.  Please specify that you are living on campus when you sign up.
  • Students - living off campus
    You will be responsible for your own housing.  If you have space available for someone coming from out of town to stay with you please let us know and we will send and email out with your information in early December.
  • Non-students:
    There will be lodging available on campus in conference space. Please email Justin Canny for more information.

Course Location

The course takes place on the Puget Sound campus with scenarios on campus, and in local parks and at Point Defiance Park.

The indoor portion of class will be in Thompson Hall room 193.  You can park in lot P4 for free.  Here is the campus map and follow driving directions to the WEST side of campus.  The parking lot is at North 14th and Union Street.