Other Chapel Reservations

Kilworth Chapel is available primarily for campus events. We have limited availability for wedding ceremonies of persons with an established affiliation to the University as a student, faculty, staff, alumni or son or daughter of student, faculty, staff or alumni. If you are interested in reserving Kilworth Memorial Chapel, please call the Chapel coordinator at 253.879.2751 for additional information on scheduling requirements.

Facility Request Form For University Community ONLY

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Kilworth Memorial Chapel Reservation for Puget Sound Campus Community(non-wedding)

Kilworth Memorial Chapel Reservation for Puget Sound Campus Community(non-wedding)

Puget Sound students, faculty, and staff members may use this form to request a room(s) in Kilworth Memorial Chapel for all non-wedding events. If you are booking the Chapel for a wedding, you may use the Kilworth Memorial Chapel Wedding Reservation form.

Though the following form is still active, the university is shifting to a new event scheduling software. To ensure a quicker response time and a smoother event booking process, please go to 25live.pugetsound.edu and enter your credentials to schedule an event with us.

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    Set Up Time Note: When would you like to access the room/building? Please allow at least 30 minutes set up time and 60 minutes if you are using the data projector in the main Chapel.

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  • Please note that food and drink are only allowed in Kilworth lounge and lounge foyer.

  • Please note that we have a food prep space available with a refrigerator and microwave. If you would like to use the Kosher Kitchen, please meet with the Chapel manager beforehand for approval.

  • Location & Setup:

  • If possible, please send a sketch of how you would like the setup for the Kilworth Lounge to kilworthchapel@pugetsound.edu.

  • Liability

    I agree to abide by all of the Kilworth Chapel Use Policies. For liability purposes I agree to ensure that the guests and members of the organization will not damage, tamper with, or use any furnishings/equipment for anything besides its dedicated purpose. I further understand that if any damage does occur, I will be held liable. I understand that this form does not represent a confirmed registration, and that any misrepresentation of the nature of my event may result in additional charges or denial of facility use.

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