Religious Observances Policy

The University is committed to working to fully include and honor the needs of all students, and to find ways to respect and support the ability of students to participate in religious and spiritual observances while recognizing the need to have consistent academic standards. 

The following policy for religious observances is included on page 34 of the Academic Handbook:

The University of Puget Sound values the rich diversity of religious traditions, observances and beliefs represented in our campus community and supports the rights of students to practice their faiths. The University recognizes that in some instances, a student’s religious observances may conflict with the student’s academic schedule. In such cases, the University endorses reasonable schedule flexibility, unless such an accommodation would create an undue burden on the student, other students, the instructor, or the University. Students shall consult with their instructor directly and in a timely manner to discuss an accommodation. The University chaplain is available to consult with students who wish to make such requests. The instructor may consult with the University Chaplain or the Office of the Provost for assistance as needed.

If you would like to discuss an academic accommodation to allow you to reserve a religious or spiritual observance, please contact University Chaplain Dave Wright at, or the Office of the Provost at

Dave is also available to consult with and support all campus members wrestling with issues of religious and spiritual inclusion in relation to workplace, co-curricular, and other contexts on campus.