Religious Life Advisor Application Process

The University of Puget Sound is committed to offering a variety of co-curricular opportunities for its students, including participation in formal and informal student groups focused on religion and spirituality.  As part of these groups, students may wish to partner with religious or spiritual advisors and leaders who are not Puget Sound students, faculty, or staff. 

To assist these groups, the University Chaplaincy offers the Religious Life Advisor Program.  The Program supports both ASUPS-recognized student organizations related to religion and spirituality and under-served religious and spiritual student communities that wish to partner with advisors and leaders who are not Puget Sound students, faculty, or staff by providing training and shared expectations for those external partners serving in these roles as described below.

In addition to completing the basic information form (link coming soon), prospective RLAs need to:

1.     Have the student leaders submit a written request to University Chaplain ( 

2.     Complete an initial meeting with University Chaplain and appropriate Student Group officer or leader.

3.     Completion of RLA Application (linked from this page).

4.     Submit a letter of support from external organization if the RLA is affiliated with/sent by an external partner.

5.     Agree to the completion of a background check by the University of Puget Sound.

For more information, please contact the University Chaplain at 253-879-3322 or