Religious Life Advisors & Local Communities

The University Chaplaincy works with a variety of community partners to try and provide support and advocacy for students from a wide range of religious and spiritual backgrounds. We’re also here to brainstorm campus and local connections, especially in support of students looking for particular connections, those wanting to find LGBTQ+-inclusive faith communities, and anyone trying to build community in our midst.

Religious Life Advisors are generally off-campus individuals that are invited by ASUPS-recognized student groups – and connected with and advised by the Chaplaincy – to provide support and leadership to particular student communities. They are not employed by the University, but are recognized as partners who provide particular resources to the campus. Sometimes individuals who are leaders in local, minoritized religious communities are recognized as Religious Life Advisors to better provide a diversity of recognized, local, intercultural religious and spiritual leadership for our campus.

In addition, we work to maintain a network of relationships with a wide variety of local and regional religious and spiritual communities. If students, faculty, or staff are looking for ways to connect with external faith communities, please contact University Chaplain Dave at, or set up a time to meet with them by emailing

Jewish Life at Puget Sound

Puget Sound's Jewish student body is one of our largest cultural or spiritual communities on campus, and is supported both through the college (through the Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement, the CICE) and through independent student clubs. In addition, many Jewish students connect most deeply within Greek Life, Athletics, or other student leadership positions. CICE provides support through University Chaplain Dave Wright, as well as by convening a Jewish Life Advisory Council of Jewish students, faculty, and staff. At present, our Jewish Student Union is the primary Jewish-focused student group, which aims to better connect the range of expressions of Judaism present on campus, as well as other clubs that are not specifically Jewish but engage matters important to many Jewish students (for example, J Street U).

Religious and Spiritual Life Clubs

A hallmark of Puget Sound’s student community is that our clubs and organizations are driven by student interest and leadership. The list below reflects groups that are currently active or forming on campus – this is always evolving as students explore new ways of connecting in community. Our staff are always ready to help support new groups that students seek to develop on campus, so don’t worry if you don’t see it here – new beginnings are always possible! Many clubs have additional information available on their own websites through ASUPS (our student government).

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Latter Day Saints Student Association
  • Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
  • UMeth (United Methodist) Club
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship