Welcome Class of 2024!

Once a Logger...  

When someone shouts out "Once a Logger," if there's someone else with Puget Sound connections nearby you'll probably hear "Always a Logger!" shouted back.   During this time when we aren't together in person at our Tacoma campus, staying connected and remembering that we are ALL part of the community is critical.  We are still Loggers, wherever we're studying from right now.

For new students in the class of 2024, WELCOME.  You're part of our community now, and while we won't meet most of you in person until the Spring, the Chaplaincy is here to offer support, reflection, and connection.  Whether it's looking for a student club related to a belief system, wanting to talk confidentially with a supportive staff member, or hoping to learn more about religious, spiritual, and secular diversity...or you have other thoughts or ideas you'd like to pursue...the Chaplaincy is here to help.  

Some students come to campus with a strong, particular religious identity; others arrive having grown up socially or culturally connected but not sure what that means for them as adults; and many land on campus with limited interest in or familiarity with religion and spirituality. The University Chaplaincy is here for all of you, in various ways – connecting to maintain important identities and traditions; finding new paths to understand your sense of spirit, meaning, and wholeness; asking hard questions and figuring out who you want to be; or helping navigate the complex and often unfamiliar worlds of religious, spiritual, and cultural pluralism. The Chaplaincy is not meant to enforce or encourage any particular system of belief, or to pressure subscription to any general structural belief system. We want to be alongside you as you continue to define yourself and evolve through your time at Puget Sound – supporting, challenging, listening, and wanting the best for each student in their own path.

Our amazing team of student leaders are still finalizing plans for our Fall programs and activities, but they will be posted at the cleverly-named "Fall 2020 Events and Resources" link to the right on this page.  More importantly, we'll be sharing them through the WIZR app, our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/upschaplain), and our Instagram feed (@loggerschaplaincy).    

In almost all these events, you’ll likely hear something like this: “EVERYONE is welcome here, to participate or respectfully observe, as fully as feels right for who you are and your own journey.” These (and other Chaplaincy events) are a great opportunity to come and learn about different religious and spiritual practices in the college environment.

If you'd like to talk 1:1 with University Chaplain Dave Wright, you can set up an email appointment by writing to chaplain@pugetsound.edu  or by dropping by their virtual COffice (coffee and/or office) hours, updated regularly at here.